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We’re industry thought leaders passionate about digital. From leveraging data to increasing your bottom line, we’ll empower you to think differently. Dedicated virtual events, industry conferences, and digital summits with partners like Google and Facebook are just a few of our events. Join us and we promise to change the way you do business.


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Rise to the Challenge of…
The Future: What’s to Come in 2021 and Beyond

December 9, 2020 | Virtual Event
As 2020 finishes up its farewell tour, it’s time to look to the future. What does the big picture of the marketing of tomorrow look like? How can we take advantage of the opportunities and rise to the challenge of this ever-changing industry? We looked at some of the key challenges we examined throughout this series, from an automated marketing future to powerful performance creative, from meaningful brand/customer connection to the evolution of data privacy. Some of the smartest people in marketing today offered their forecast for what comes next—and how you can position your business to not just survive, but thrive.


Rise to the Challenge of…
The Data: Building for the Privacy-First Marketing of Tomorrow

November 17, 2020 | Virtual Event
We need to recognize that we have already entered the data privacy twilight zone. It’s time now to face the challenge head on: marketing leaders must prepare their businesses to embrace a limited data future—and be prepared to use available data sets responsibly and effectively. Learn how to tackle one of the thorniest issues facing the marketing industry today: how can we make the necessary changes to the way we use data in a way that will actually make a positive impact on your business?


Rise to the Challenge of…
The Customer: Earn Lifetime Customers On Every Channel

October 15, 2020 | Virtual Event
People consume, view, and interact with marketing 24/7. Your brand needs to get smarter and throw out the usual marketing playbook when it comes to connecting with your brand’s most important asset: your customers. Watch now to get thoughtful about customer connection and find new ways to effectively speak to the needs of your customers, led by Marcus Collins, who serves as the Co-Director of the Yaffe Digital Media Initiative at the University of Michigan and used to run Beyoncė’s digital strategy, Renee Halvorsen, VP of Marketing & Ecommerce for Marine Layer, and John Becker, CMO of Investor’s Business Daily.


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