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We’re industry thought leaders passionate about digital. From leveraging data to increasing your bottom line, we’ll empower you to think differently. Dedicated virtual events, industry conferences, and digital summits with partners like Google and Facebook are just a few of our events. Join us and we promise to change the way you do business.

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Breaking Convention: 5 Trends That Are Reshaping Marketing (and How to Get the Advantage)

September 28, 2022 | Virtual Event

Many forces are combining into a perfect storm that is reshaping marketing as we know it, and the smartest marketers are getting in front of these shifts to push their brands to the front of the consumer consciousness.

We’re bringing together leading experts from Google, Wieden+Kennedy, and Shipt to explore how you can embrace the new and position your brand for success in 2023 and beyond across five specific, interconnected trends.


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The Marketing Mission: Balancing Social Responsibility and the Growth Imperative

June 28, 2022 | Virtual Event

Today’s consumers expect brands to stand up for important social issues and stand out from the crowd by putting those values front and center in their interactions across channels and as part of the business. And that expectation is only growing in the next generation of customers.

But the pressure to focus on the purchase decision and lower funnel ad spend can make it difficult to find space in your strategy to engage in meaningful ways that resonate with customers. Marketers also run the risk of accusations of opportunism and inauthenticity if the only place those values show up is on social posts or in commercials. We’re bringing together marketing leaders from across industries who are making connections with consumers and building social responsibility into their core brand value proposition—while fueling significant growth.


Escape The Performance Prison!

Break Out of the Performance Prison: Shifting From KPIs to Business Growth

February 23, 2022 | Virtual Event

Performance marketing is getting a bad name. Too many businesses have embraced a performance approach that limits marketing scope to direct response campaigns, ROAS targets, and ROI. That’s a fundamental mistake: all marketing should perform, and your entire marketing team needs to be focused on long-term, sustainable business growth, not just short-term performance by channel. We’ve invited leaders changing the game in marketing to help us redefine performance marketing to empower businesses and help them succeed by deploying a holistic, full-funnel strategy that drives profitable growth.

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