The Roaring 2020s: Lead Your Brand’s Marketing Transformation


Reinventing the Role of the Marketing Executive

Over the course of the last year businesses of all sizes, shapes, and industries have had to accelerate their digital marketing capabilities and lean into the new rapid pace of digital transformation at every level—or face a reckoning.

That’s why we brought together the marketing leaders who are building this new world: the kind of leaders who recognize that this era represents a massive opportunity for a different kind of CMO.


Our panel of experts digs into how you can:

  • Lead your organization into the digital-first future while prioritizing the development of fast, seamless, meaningful customer interactions
  • Cultivate adaptability and agility into your strategy by activating two-way communication and machine learning capabilities
  • Become the driving force for organizational evolution through innovative and accountable marketing leadership

So: are you ready to lead your organization into the Roaring 2020s?



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