Challenger AMA: Q&A With Digital Marketing B2B Industry Experts

title screen for challenger ama webinar


You have B2B digital marketing questions. Now you have answers.

As digital marketers, you need to balance thinking about the big picture marketing questions and the specifics of how those strategies work in your industry.

That’s why we brought B2B digital marketing experts together for an Ask Me Anything session centered around the trends defining your brands’ strategies right now.

Whether you missed the AMA or need a refresher, you can look forward to insights into questions like:

  • If you’re a company with high-growth goals, what do you do to pivot or change your strategy now that you’re facing challenges due to COVID-19?
  • It’s important for disruptor brands to continue to grow, what do you need to do to continue to thrive?
  • What do the impacts look like for specific verticals, both positive and negative?
  • For B2B companies, what is event marketing expected to look like post-quarantine? Will it go back to normal, scale down, or solely exist in the virtual space?
  • How are B2B companies with recurring revenue models faring over B2B companies with one-off purchase models?

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