Break Out of the Performance Prison: Shifting From KPIs to Business Growth


Performance Marketing is Getting a Bad Name

Too many businesses have embraced a performance approach that limits marketing scope to direct response campaigns, ROAS targets, and ROI.

That’s a fundamental mistake: all marketing should perform, and your entire marketing team needs to be focused on long-term, sustainable business growth, not just short-term performance by channel.

We invited some of the leaders changing the game in marketing for a virtual panel redefining performance marketing to empower businesses to help them succeed by deploying a holistic, full-funnel strategy that drives profitable growth.


Check out the full event on demand for answers to key questions like:

  • Why redefining performance marketing is essential to the future growth of your business
  • How to speak the language of the finance team and make the investment case to your CFO
  • What you need to do to solve for an ROI-only mindset in your org that limits the long-term potential for business growth



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