The Customer: Earn Lifetime Customers on Every Channel


Tomorrow’s Business Growth Will Be Powered by Empathy & Customer Insight

People consume, view, and interact with marketing 24/7. Your brand needs to get smarter and throw out the usual marketing playbook when it comes to connecting with your brand’s most important asset: your customers.

Get thoughtful about customer connection and find new ways to effectively speak to the needs of your customers with this on demand virtual panel, led by Marcus Collins, who serves as the Co-Director of the Yaffe Digital Media Initiative at the University of Michigan and used to run Beyoncė’s digital strategy, Renee Halvorsen, VP of Marketing & Ecommerce for Marine Layer, and John Becker, CMO of Investor’s Business Daily.

You’ll explore:

  • Fresh ways to use data-driven customer insights to build a more meaningful picture of who your customers are and what they need from your brand
  • Strategies to build real relationships, trust, and loyalty with your customers that drive profitable growth for your business
  • How current marketing trends could change the way brands interact and connect with customers in the future (and what you can do to prepare)

Watch the full session to make sure your brand is prepared to maximize your future marketing ROI by investing in improved customer connection, engagement, and acquisition.



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