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Playing Offense, Not Defense

Standard best practices only take you so far, but that’s where most companies stop. Sustaining (and growing) organic visibility and maintaining trusted relationships require finding out of the box opportunities to connect with your audience. We proactively find new solutions and challenge your team to stay ahead of the curve.

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If You Want To Win Owned Media…

Your business is only as good as your owned media: you can’t win organic results or the trust of your audience simply by outspending the competition. When it comes to increasing your market share and sustaining your organic visibility, we make sure your content is your center of excellence: not only expert, authoritative, and trustworthy, but relevant and valuable to your customers. Make it last forever (content never ends).

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We Love Earned Channels (And We Cannot Lie)

But all of that beautiful content on your website won’t do much without earned media channels. From SEO and content marketing to email and beyond, we combine our technical expertise with a deep understanding of data to drive decision making that results in a stronger, deeper relationship with your customers–and business impact from conversions in the channels your customers trust the most. Embrace the power of your earned media.

The Nuts & Bolts

By taking a customer-centric approach and developing the right voice, tone, and feel for your brand across all campaigns, you can distinguish your company as an industry leader on every channel.

Make An Impact At The Search Bar

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Our Unique Capabilities

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Influencer + Affiliate

With Wpromote owning both channels, there is a seamless partnership focused on holistic, strategic storytelling. Converting existing influencers to affiliates and vice versa is done quickly and efficiently, allowing the opportunity to scale.

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The Voice Search Tool

Our proprietary tool developed to measure and analyze voice search performance across more than sixty-one individual indicators.

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Creative That

Deploy effective campaign creative by channel, at scale: optimized, agile, and built for performance.

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Hub Of 1:1

Personalize the entire customer lifecycle to engage users wherever they are.

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Causal Impact

Articulate the value of your SEO initiatives with a tool that predicts how a KPI would have changed over time without SEO improvements.

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Weighting System

Prioritize new development accurately based on expected results with our proprietary content ranking system.

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Bringing InterDent To The Local 3 Pack 
Wpromote proposed a plan to consolidate 200+ existing microsites into a single domain to improve website rankings. To start, Wpromote built a new website consolidating all 200+ Gentle Dental and SmileKeepers locations, updated and optimized directories, and helped develop Gentle Dental’s resource hub “Dental IQ,” which has driven additional traffic to the website and established Gentle Dental as thought leaders in the dentistry space.

390% Increase In Offices Ranking In The Local 3 Pack
745% Increase In Overall Visits From Organic Search
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Increasing Conversion Rates Through Interactive Experience
In order to provide a better user experience for online shoppers investing in a premium, durable good like outdoor furniture, Wpromote developed an interactive product finder quiz to help match people with a recommended product, creating an online parallel to the in-store showroom experience. Shoppers were asked questions centered around what their outdoor space at home looked like, as well as questions about what style would fit in with the rest of their home decor. The result was quiz completers were much more likely to buy.

48% Increase In Conversion Rate
68% Increase In Average Order Value
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Driving Traffic With Organic Pinterest Strategy
Wpromote’s long-standing client, Zenni, expressed their need for a more impactful organic Pinterest strategy. Following a comprehensive technical and content strategy audit of their current Pinterest profile, Wpromote created an omnichannel Pinterest strategy designed to drive more traffic and revenue for the site. As a result of an optimized, consistent posting schedule, as well as extensive keyword and data research, we were able to elevate Zenni’s organic Pinterest efforts resulting in a major increase in revenue for the site from Pinterest, and even securing a feature in Pinterest’s blog.

310% Increase YoY in Assisted Conversion Value
57% Increase in Revenue YoY
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Creating Educational Content To Support Users
Wpromote helped 1-800Accountant develop new educational content to drive qualified leads. The piece was distributed using an integrated approach, including an email lightbox that directed traffic to the download landing page, which increased visibility and generated a high-quality list of prospects. 1-800Accountant was able to significantly increase quality organic leads.

4,300 Impressions Generated In Two Months
87 Organic Leads Gained in Two months
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Launching One Million Category Pages
Wpromote worked with Hibbett to implement a classic SEO strategy and train the team on in-depth SEO processes. At the same time, Wpromote generated a list of over 1,000 actionable long-tail keyword opportunities, and Hibbett approved the creation of unique content for over 300 categories, further boosting each category page’s potential rankings for each keyword, as well as aggregate reach and impact.

40% Increase In Organic Search Traffic
36% Increase In ROI
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Leveraging Influencers To Drive Leads & Conversions
The Forks Over Knives influencer marketing campaign strategically engaged influencers to create and share content featuring their Fresh Start Challenge and the Forks Meal Planner, showcasing how Forks Over Knives is a dynamic leader in the plant-based community. The activation drove awareness, qualified traffic, engagement, and 550+ sign-ups while the influencer-generated assets were repurposed across owned and paid Forks Over Knives channels.

7X Higher Intent To Register When Referred By Influencers
83% Higher Goal Conversion Rate When Referred By Influencers

Develop Content That Connects–And Converts

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Paid media should provide just as much value to your customers as content from earned media, as well as efficiently using budget.



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