Adapt, Evolve, Prevail: Digital Marketing In A Crisis

Webinar with faces and names


The best minds in digital marketing tackle our present challenge

Digital marketers need to get creative about how we’re using our resources to make our brands successful in this new reality. Marketing teams across every industry are being hit by a rapid succession of changing expectations as the coronavirus pandemic hits.

The good news: nobody is better at adapting to change than a digital marketer.

We assembled a virtual panel of enterprise brand leaders and channel experts to help marketers embrace their challenger mindset during this difficult time. Learn how to help your business get on the right path– and how your team can lead the way and align new strategies with changing business goals.

Get answers to the key questions facing marketers right now:

  • How has coronavirus impacted digital marketing endeavors for businesses across all channels?
  • Are there new strategies to explore during this pandemic and is there a proper way to confront budget shifts?
  • What can digital marketers do to look ahead and stay proactive during this crisis?

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