Whether you’re seeking a full digital marketing strategy or need assistance with search engine optimization, social media management, or paid media campaigns, Wpromote offers the services you need to take on your online competitors. Let the experts at our Dallas agency help you reach your business objectives by using data-driven methods that will change the way your existing and potential consumers interact with you.

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We are quite a diverse group here in Dallas, but one thing we can definitely claim as a common trait among us all: Southern hospitality. That warm welcome and relationship-based approach ring true in all that we do for local, national, and international clients in the hospitality, apartment living, non-profit, and for-profit sectors.

Whether you have a traditional brick-and-mortar or a strictly digital footprint in the Dallas, Fort Worth or North Texas region, we want you to be found. We’ll round up all of our experts (superheroes, as we call them) to create an effective digital strategy and deliver exceptional services that include SEO, social, content marketing, and paid search to increase your pedestrian and visual traffic.

The Dallas area is where we work and where we play. We know we’re an international icon — and we want to help make you one, too. Stop by our office across from SMU and let us show you our award-winning digital marketing skills. After all, this isn’t our first rodeo!



Our Dallas Experts

Digital marketing is in our blood — and we all know that blood is thicker than oil! Meet members of the team who will be working for you and learn more about what drives us to be the superheroes we are for our clients.

  • Rob Phillips

    Managing Director | Southwest

    Rob Phillips

    Managing Director, Southwest
    See Team
    Rob is a rock star in the hospitality vertical. He spent 10 years at Wyndham Hotels & Resorts before co-founding and serving as president of Standing Dog Interactive, acquired by Wpromote in August 2016. There are few people more skilled at reaching the right consumer at the right time than Rob, one of many reasons he's now Vice President of Client Success at Wpromote. When he's not generating ROAS, he loves to travel and has gourmet cooking skills that would make Gordon Ramsay speechless.
    • Dog Lover
    • Chocolatier
    • Marketing Genius
    • Passport Needs More Pages
  • Bethany Smith

    Senior Director | Client Success

    Bethany Smith

    Senior Director, Client Success
    See Team
    Bethany began in website and TV management for an ABC News affiliate before working in higher education lead generation and Ecommerce marketing. After moving away from the delectable BBQ of Kansas City, Bethany joined the Dallas team of Wpromote. Since joining Wpromote in 2014, Bethany has worked to guide total strategic digital integration for clients such as NorthPark, Vacations by Marriott, and Greystar. Music drives Bethany's spare time, and when she isn't playing with her orchestra, she's in a photo pit at a rock concert.
    • Orchestra Violinist
    • Avid Fan Of The Killers
    • KC Sports & BBQ Devotee
    • Jedi Trivia Master
  • Brian J. Medricka

    Senior Director | Content

    Brian J. Medricka

    Senior Director, Content
    See Team
    After writing, editing, and designing at newspapers for 17.5 years, Brian joined the "dark side" (digital marketing) as a senior copywriter at Standing Dog Interactive, now Wpromote as of August 2016. His ability to craft quality copy paired with his strong team building skills propelled him to Director, where he now manages a growing team of content producers and strategists. Usually heard before seen thanks to an infectious laugh, Brian can be found working out, watching "General Hospital," or eating local when not in the office.
    • Trombone Player
    • Baylor Football Fanatic
    • Smiley Face Collector
    • Loves Hot Weather
  • Christopher Brown

    Sr. Director | SMB Hotels

    Christopher Brown

    Sr. Director, SMB Hotels
    See Team
    "Don't stop me now!" This Queen number is Chris's theme song while he's having a real good time executing the digital strategy program for Marriott. In addition to managing the largest team in the Dallas office, Chris took over the reins of the SEO retainer crew while climbing the ladder at Standing Dog Interactive, now Wpromote as of August 2016. Chris is a go-to leader with a passion for team development and a knack for fixing up his home "just down the road" from the office.
    • Fish Keeper
    • History Buff
    • Voracious Reader
    • Notre Dame Football Fanatic
  • Laura Shaikh

    Senior Director | Client Success

    Laura Shaikh

    Senior Director, Client Success
    See Team
    Laura doesn't need a chai latte or special Harry Potter wand to lead the Greystar team in the Dallas office - but she definitely won't turn them down. Her 10+ years of digital marketing experience from working in the property management, retail, and hospitality verticals set her on the road to success that led to Standing Dog Interactive, acquired by Wpromote in August 2016. Laura's passion for building strong relationships and her knowledge of social media, paid media, and SEO make her Hogwarts-worthy.
    • World Traveler
    • Rocks A Minivan
    • Harry Potter Fangirl
    • Starbucks Addict
  • Alicia Fajardo Noohi

    Director | Paid Search

    Alicia Fajardo Noohi

    Director, Paid Search
    See Team
    Alicia was born and raised in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and now serves as the Director of Paid Search for Wpromote's Dallas office. She moved to San Francisco to start her career in PPC after graduating from Wichita State University. Once she moved back to Dallas, she started specializing in hospitality at Hotels.com. She now works on the WoodSpring Suites paid search account and is dedicated to growing the Dallas paid search team. Alicia loves to travel around the world and snuggle with her two small dogs.
    • World Traveler
    • Dallas Foodie
    • Has 2 Small Dogs
    • Loves Historical Documentaries
  • Bart Peters

    Director | SEO

    Bart Peters

    Director, SEO
    See Team
    After working in theater and video production, Bart became a contract worker at Standing Dog Interactive, now Wpromote, in 2010 after graduating from SMU with a MA/MBA in Art Administration and Marketing. Now Bart is the Director of SEO for the Dallas office and works with clients in the hospitality and apartment industry. When not at work, Bart is cheering on Dallas sports teams; however, he has never been to a Stars game despite living in the city all of his life.
    • Texas Rangers Fan
    • Born In Buffalo, NY
    • Half Greek
    • Named Yellow Lab After Wilson Pickett
  • Erika Pedersen

    Director | Digital Marketing - Marriott

    Erika Pedersen

    Director, Digital Marketing - Marriott
    See Team
    Erika joined Wpromote a little over four years ago, and now serves as the Director of Digital Marketing after working in online marketing and Ecommerce for all six years of her US post-grad career. She graduated from the University of Minnesota with a double major in Marketing and International Business and a minor in French. She spent 5 years living and teaching in Thailand, where her motorbike was her best friend. While living there, she got a masters degree in TESOL.
    • Enjoys New Food
    • Local Craft Beer
    • Travel Lover
    • Thai Language Learner
  • Gabriel Peralta

    Director | Partner Sales

    Gabriel Peralta

    Director, Partner Sales
    See Team
    As Director of Strategic Partner Sales, Gabriel helps to accelerate Wpromote's growth by identifying, building, and launching the lasting relationships that expand our small business customer base. Gabriel, or Gabe as most of us know him, has served in several roles since joining Wpromote in 2008 as the first Outbound Sales Prospector, including Sales Executive and Sales Manager. Gabriel and his team are responsible for bringing on quality partners and their customers, collaborating across internal teams and external partner teams. He's a dedicated feline lover nicknamed Gabe-ree-meow.
    • Cat Lover Dubbed Gabe-ree-meow
    • Vinyl Collector of Jazz & Soul
    • Father Of Four
    • First Wpro Married Duo
  • Lorraine Santiago-Poventud

    Director | SMB Hotels

    Lorraine Santiago-Poventud

    Director, SMB Hotels
    See Team
    Lorraine is Wpromote's Director of Digital Marketing in Dallas. She was born and raised in Puerto Rico and moved to Florida at age 24 to pursue her dream of earning a Master's Degree in journalism. She fell in love with the digital world while interning at Terra.com. In 2013 she joined Wpromote as a Bilingual SEO Manager for Marriott. Now, as Director, she continues to be a resource for all things Spanish. When she's not working, you can find Lorraine watching movies or enjoying musicals.
    • Born In Puerto Rico
    • Loves The Beach
    • Cooking & Baking
    • Les Misérables Fan
  • Mike Ulrich

    Director of Development | D.I.

    Mike Ulrich

    Director of Development, D.I.
    See Team
    Google Tag Manger. JavaScript. Ajax. jQuery. Bring up these words at a party - or in the office - and you'll have a forever friend in Mike. The digital technology guru eats, breathes, and dreams of analytics. During his time at Standing Dog Interactive, now Wpromote, Mike has built and managed a team that's taken data from the back-ends of our clients' websites and turned it into front-end marketing and remarketing gold. In his spare time, find Mike changing diapers and playing daddy to his new son.
    • Loves Traveling
    • Craft Beer Connoisseur
    • Enjoys Watching All Sports
    • Family Comes First
  • Brad Koettel

    Account Executive | Sales
    Account Executive

    Brad Koettel

  • Aditya Mutyala

    Analytics Developer | Digitial Intelligence
    Analytics Developer

    Aditya Mutyala

    I believe in living at the moment; outgoing; loves soccer.
  • Kate Deininger

    Digital Marketing Specialist | SMB - Real Estate
    Digital Marketing Specialist

    Kate Deininger

    Hockey fan, loves Disney, mediocre chess player, really good taste in music.
  • Brianne Byres

    Client Success Manager | Hospitality
    Client Success Manager

    Brianne Byres

    ​Aspires to be a runner, one mile at a time.
  • Sabrina Jordan

    Paid Search Manager | Paid Search & Media
    Paid Search Manager

    Sabrina Jordan

    What do you call an alligator wearing a vest? An Investigator...I'll leave now.
  • Adé Guobadia

    Paid Search Manager | Paid Search & Media
    Paid Search Manager

    Adé Guobadia

    "I am Beyoncé always" - Semi Anonymous Paper Company Manager
  • Christopher Monday

    Digital Marketing Specialist | SMB - Hotels
    Digital Marketing Specialist

    Christopher Monday

    "Make Mondays Suck Less" is also my family motto.
  • Roscoe Wilkins Jr

    Programmatic Account Manager | Programmatic
    Programmatic Account Manager

    Roscoe Wilkins Jr

    Leonidas Pops, Noah's Uncle...With a vision that nobody else can see - N.H.
  • Ashley McElmurry

    Junior Content Writer | SMB Hotels
    Junior Content Writer

    Ashley McElmurry

    Sarcasm enthusiast, a big fan of non-committal plans, and cat mom of two.
  • Alex Dates

    Digital Marketing Specialist | SMB - Real Estate
    Digital Marketing Specialist

    Alex Dates

    Dog lover & catnap taker. Frequently found in the cheese aisle.
  • Calvin Dimas

    Digital Marketing Manager | SMB - Hotels
    Digital Marketing Manager

    Calvin Dimas

    Some are made of star stuff, I'm made of green tea and video games.
  • Emily Barnes

    Paid Search Manager | Paid Search & Media
    Paid Search Manager

    Emily Barnes

    Caffiene-dependent cat enthusiast.
  • Sarah Meyer

    Office Administrative Assistant | General & Administrative
    Office Administrative Assistant

    Sarah Meyer

    I love puppies, Crossfit, brunch...and most of all handstands.
  • Brian McNeal

    Digital Marketing Manager | SMB Hotels
    Digital Marketing Manager

    Brian McNeal

    Part Ari Gold...part Jay-Z...all hustle.
  • Diana Rubio

    Digital Marketing Manager | SMB Hotels
    Digital Marketing Manager

    Diana Rubio

    Crazy dog lady, ice cream sandwich addict, and Beyoncé backup dancer wannabe.
  • Robert Esparza

    Senior Sales Executive | Sales
    Senior Sales Executive

    Robert Esparza

    California Dreamin' in the Heart of Texas.
  • Kelsey Sanders

    Digital Marketing Manager | SMB Hotels
    Digital Marketing Manager

    Kelsey Sanders

    Living a caffeine dependent life.
  • Kayleigh Love

    Digital Marketing Manager | SMB
    Digital Marketing Manager

    Kayleigh Love

    Put queso in my face-o. Dalmatian mom. Sic 'em bears. Go Spurs.
  • John Shellenberger

    Content Producer | SMB
    Content Producer

    John Shellenberger

    Future general manger of the Dallas Cowboys.
  • Valarie McLeckie

    Digital Marketing Manager | SMB Hotels
    Digital Marketing Manager

    Valarie McLeckie

    "Just write an insightful quote for me or something"
  • Jeanette Chang

    Paid Search Specialist | Paid Search & Media
    Paid Search Specialist

    Jeanette Chang

    Catch me in Tent City.
  • Sylvia Kim

    Junior Content Writer | SMB Hotels
    Junior Content Writer

    Sylvia Kim

    Do I want to be feared or loved? I want people to fear how much they love me.
  • Faith Petreley

    Senior Paid Search Manager | Paid Search & Media
    Senior Paid Search Manager

    Faith Petreley

    I'm just an Android girl living in an iPhone world..
  • Elizabeth Abide

    Digital Marketing Manager | SMB Hotels
    Digital Marketing Manager

    Elizabeth Abide

    I LOVE BREAD !!1!!1!
  • Arelis López

    Senior Digital Marketing Manager | SMB Hotels
    Senior Digital Marketing Manager

    Arelis López

    Teal obsessed, yogi amateur, traveler, chihuahua lover, and economics freak.
  • Benjamin Rorie

    Client Success Manager | Hospitality
    Client Success Manager

    Benjamin Rorie

    According to legend, I've read the Necronomicon 666 times.
  • Brittany Pierson

    Senior Content Manager | SMB Hotels
    Senior Content Manager

    Brittany Pierson

    The perfect blend of Southern belle and sarcasm...but mainly just the latter.
  • Caitlyn Todd

    Senior Digital Marketing Manager | SMB Hotels
    Senior Digital Marketing Manager

    Caitlyn Todd

    NFL fanatic and sunscreen addict. Cleaning counts as a hobby.
  • Camri Wyatt

    Digital Marketing Manager | SMB Hotels
    Digital Marketing Manager

    Camri Wyatt

    Auditioned for Oscar Mayer Wiener Commercial. Didn't make the cut, so here I am.
  • Chiara Daley

    Senior Digital Marketing Manager | SMB Hotels
    Senior Digital Marketing Manager

    Chiara Daley

    I come from a land down under. Also a collector of postcards and records.
  • DeAndre Upshaw

    Senior Video Production Manager | Marketing
    Senior Video Production Manager

    DeAndre Upshaw

    Beyoncé spoke to me once, which is my greatest achievement to date.
  • Jacqueline Monrreal

    Digital Marketing Specialist | SMB Hotels
    Digital Marketing Specialist

    Jacqueline Monrreal

    Paper stationery lover, frog collector, traveler, finds time to nap, in love <3
  • Jessalyn Bradley

    Senior Digital Marketing Manager | SMB Real Estate
    Senior Digital Marketing Manager

    Jessalyn Bradley

    Seeker of the best tea, beer, and coffee I can find. GO Spurs GO!
  • Justin Salva Cruz

    Content Writer | SMB Hotels
    Content Writer

    Justin Salva Cruz

    Mild-mannered writer by day, unpaid Tidal advocate by rest of day.
  • LaToya Moore

    Digital Marketing Manager | SMB Real Estate
    Digital Marketing Manager

    LaToya Moore

    Lover of all things fashion, Mexican food addict, and reality TV junkie.
  • Lauren Seifried

    Senior Digital Marketing Manager | SMB Real-Estate
    Senior Digital Marketing Manager

    Lauren Seifried

    I like cats and coffee. Oh, and a puppy, too.
  • Linda Pedraza

    Senior Digital Marketing Manager | SMB Hotels
    Senior Digital Marketing Manager

    Linda Pedraza

    Self-proclaimed artist. My greatest masterpiece: my eyebrows.
  • Matt Windle

    Senior Developer | Digital Intelligence
    Senior Developer

    Matt Windle

    My name is Windle. I really like to {{quip}}, {{quip}}, and {{quip}}.
  • McKenzie Cranford

    Senior Content Writer | SMB Hotels
    Senior Content Writer

    McKenzie Cranford

    I communicate best via Hallmark cards.
  • Meagan Warren

    Digital Marketing Manager | SMB Real Estate
    Digital Marketing Manager

    Meagan Warren

    Enjoys camping and kayaking...pretty much anything outdoors and loves cats.
  • Paige Pinkerton

    Digital Marketing Manager | SMB Hotels
    Digital Marketing Manager

    Paige Pinkerton

    Bravo TV fanatic. Boomer Sooner. Dog lover.
  • Paul Roberts

    Digital Marketing Manager | SMB Hotels
    Digital Marketing Manager

    Paul Roberts

    Hockey player/fan and collector of old video games you want to give me.
  • Ryan Weiss

    Content Producer | SMB Hotels
    Content Producer

    Ryan Weiss

    2 oz composure, 1/2 oz awkwardness, 1 tbsp self-deprecation. Serve on the rocks.
  • Shae Edmondson

    Digital Marketing Specialist | SMB Hotels
    Digital Marketing Specialist

    Shae Edmondson

    I live to love, laugh, work, and GAME all day everyday.
  • Victoria Stout

    Digital Marketing Manager | SMB Hotels
    Digital Marketing Manager

    Victoria Stout

    Roller derby skater. Gif queen. Watcher of many TV shows, reader of many books.
  • Will Edmonson

    Senior Digital Marketing Manager | SMB Hotels
    Senior Digital Marketing Manager

    Will Edmonson

    I can talk to animals. The problem is they don't talk back.
  • Lexi Later

    Channel Manager | Array
    Channel Manager

    Lexi Later

    Southern California Girl By Chance, Southern Belle My Choice. Roll Tide!!
  • Nicole Peralta

    SMB Senior Account Manager | SMB
    SMB Senior Account Manager

    Nicole Peralta

    It isn't what we say or think that defines us, but what we do.


Wpromote isn’t your typical digital marketing agency. We encourage our clients and partners to Think Like A Challenger, no matter where they currently rank or don’t rank in the Google-sphere. Our data-driven methods challenge conventional ways of thinking and help set us apart as thought leaders in this industry where the only thing consistent is change. Plus, we Make Mondays (and every other day of the week) Suck Less for everyone we interact with.

Wpromote is a full-service marketing agency. We provide the following services:

  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Paid Search
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Web Design
  • Google Analytics Consulting

While our portfolio includes many national and international companies, we find it extremely enjoyable and rewarding to work with local businesses and non-profit organizations in the Dallas area. Because we pride ourselves on our Southern hospitality and relationship-based approach to digital marketing, being able to meet in person for strategy sessions helps facilitate a much smoother team dynamic.

Feel free to call our Dallas office at 214.696.9600, email us at contact@wpromote.com, or fill out the Contact form here.

Unlike many digital marketing agencies in Dallas, Wpromote prioritizes the ROI for our clients. We won’t waste your time with fluff metrics; we’ll let you know exactly how our tireless efforts are boosting your bottom line.

An experienced, dedicated Account Manager will work with you on each of the services you hire us for. Their teams will help develop custom strategies and tactics to best exceed your expectations.

Results in the digital marketing world depend on the channel in question. For example, a paid search campaign can start bringing in new customers within a week or two of launch, while an SEO campaign can take 4-6 months before it starts to take off. Your Account Manager will carefully analyze your business’s current standing at the start of the relationship and work with you to set realistic goals.

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