Don’t Call It A Comeback: H2 2020 Digital Marketing Planning & Beyond


Thriving, Adapting & Surviving In H2

There’s no doubt that the first half of 2020 was a whirlwind of on-the-fly decisions and an exercise in your business’s ability to adapt. But H2 2020 is a different story: now we’re ready to plan how our strategies are going to evolve and take control of the year.

The long story short: there has never been a more critical time for an agile, data-driven, customer-first marketing strategy.

That’s why we brought together Tyri Squyres, VP of Marketing for Frontier Airlines, KC Simmons, Ecommerce Marketing Manager for NuFACE, and Anne Hammond, Director of Ecommerce for Johnny Was, to discuss how they’re rising to the challenge and the questions they’re asking as they plan their digital marketing strategy for H2.

Our illustrious marketing leaders break down:

  • How to retain new customers from the pandemic, and how you can expand on that success
  • How working remotely has changed some fundamental ways of working with your company’s most valuable asset: your employees
  • The benefits of trusting your marketing team to guide you through new initiatives and channels
  • How to build trust with your customers, even when you can’t sell to them directly
  • How to get creative and find areas of opportunity, even when targets keep moving



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