Influencers unlock buying power. To turn that power into revenue, we create a one-of-a-kind cohesive strategy while developing and guiding partnerships that will make an impact on your customers.
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Activate Your Networks


Don’t let anyone fool you–influencer marketing is performance marketing. We bring our challenger mindset to the table by going beyond vague goals to craft an influencer marketing strategy that prioritizes your primary business objectives and is tailored to your audience.

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Unlimited Influencer Pool

We’re not plugging into a pre-defined network that may or may not suit your industry or audience. Instead, we handpick the right partners for your brand and develop relationships that will make an impact for your business.

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Audience Selection Scoring

We find the right fit by zeroing in on your ideal audience and matching your brand to the influencers that have the right expertise, exposure, recognition, and potential to reach new audiences.

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Partnerships Of Every Size

Influencers come in all shapes and sizes and we help determine what size audience you need to meet your goals. We work with influencers of all tiers: nano, micro, mid, macro, and celebrity.

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Comprehensive Reporting

The effect of influencer marketing is measurable. We help partners prove their value by connecting your goals to specific, measurable KPIs and tracking progress against your goals.

How Our Influencer Campaigns Deliver

We make sure that brand ambassadors will deliver on client expectations and goals set for:

Increased Brand Awareness
Community Growth
Diversified Content Creation
Bolstered Credibility
Trust Through Authenticity
Higher Brand Affinity & Recommendations
Improved Thought Leadership
More Engagement Across Channels

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Influencer Campaign Essentials


We approach influencer marketing campaigns with the same rigorous expectations we apply to any other performance marketing initiative. That means that we set a strategy based on real data, vet influencer partnerships and manage deliverables, and customize campaigns based on business goals. You can expect:

  • Influencer & Audience Demographics Insights
  • Research & Vetting
  • Creative Concepting & Brief Development
  • Short- & Long-Term Influencer Strategy
  • Influencer Communication & Negotiation
  • Customized Contracts
  • Campaign Execution & Optimization
  • Cross-Channel Influencer Integration
  • Focused & Relevant Messaging
  • Performance Analysis & Recommendations
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Adapting in Real Time With a Creator-Focused Strategy
When the Hollywood strikes pulled the plug on promotional appearances just as the campaign for Twisted Metal launched, the Peacock and Wpromote teams had to pivot to build a new influencer-centric strategy in record time. Using our proprietary partner selection methodology, we strategically selected partners based on our audience-first criteria in record time and served up the big numbers Peacock needed.

32M True Reach
987K Engagements
Kidkraft Beat Board outside of Costco

Driving Full-Funnel Results With Influencer Marketing
KidKraft joined forces with Wpromote to generate brand awareness and drive purchases for the new Beat Board. We partnered with influencers who had audiences in KidKraft’s target demographic, positioning the product as the perfect addition to a classic family game night. The strategy successfully launched the Beat Board to parents ahead of the holiday season, resulting in a complete sellout of the product ahead of the holidays.

4.6M Unique reach
74K Engagements
roasted chicken and yummly thermometer

Cooking Up Results With the Perfect Blend of Influencers & Seasonality
Yummly needed to generate interest and drive sales of its innovative product, the Smart Thermometer. They partnered with Wpromote to leverage influencers across social channels like TikTok and Instagram for a Father’s Day campaign that increased awareness, generated strong social engagement, and drove revenue growth, culminating in one of the brand’s best months ever.

305% Higher Click-Through Rate
83% Lower Cost-Per-Click
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Leveraging Influencers To Drive Leads & Conversions
The Forks Over Knives influencer marketing campaign strategically engaged influencers to create and share content featuring their Fresh Start Challenge and the Forks Meal Planner, showcasing how Forks Over Knives is a dynamic leader in the plant-based community. The activation drove awareness, qualified traffic, engagement, and 550+ sign-ups while the influencer-generated assets were repurposed across owned and paid Forks Over Knives channels.

7X Higher Intent To Register When Referred By Influencers
83% Higher Goal Conversion Rate When Referred By Influencers

Level Up Your Influencer Partnerships

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Maximizing Success

Through Channel Integration

Influencer marketing is all about quality relationships, so it’s no surprise we love working with every channel to maximize success.

Content Marketing

Strengthen your campaigns with fresh assets and amplify other content initiatives.

Paid Search

Drive new audiences to your site that can be nurtured through retargeting.

Paid Social

Use influencer assets in brand ads and leverage their profiles for boosted content or whitelisting ads.

Email Marketing

Leverage assets in email campaigns and grow your list through added exposure.


Add quality page content while weaving keyword and landing page priorities into influencer marketing campaigns.

Affiliate Marketing

Combine the power of both strategies with influencers who participate in affiliate as well.

Influencers increase brand awareness and provide the personal, compelling content to help connect an authentic audience to your brand.