Customer Behavior: Predictive Corporate Valuation & Strategic Direction


Embracing Customer Centricity

The savviest investors have realized they need to go back to certain fundamental questions and invest in a deep understanding of customer behavior and unit economics.

Check out our panel of private equity and marketing experts: Wharton Professor Peter Fader, Provenance Founder Anthony Choe, and Brentwood Associates Operating Partner & CMO Jay Sung. Dig into why customer-based corporate valuation is the future for private equity firms and how firms should embrace customer centricity modeling to chart a path toward accelerated valuation through optimized digital channels.

You’ll learn:

  • How customer centricity modeling can enhance corporate valuation methods
  • How that modeling can influence future marketing strategies that will accelerate profitable growth and bottom line performance, including specific tactical guidance
  • Why your business needs to find your tribe–and play by the rules of your most important and valuable customers



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