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Innovation at the Intersection of Brand and Performance

It’s time to enjoy some sun, rosé, and the latest and greatest across creative, media, and marketing. We’d love to connect in Cannes to explore what’s new, what’s exciting, and what’s going to help your brand and business.

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We’re challenging the notion that performance media can’t tell stories and brand media can’t be accountable.

They can. With the right approach.

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Catch Us in Cannes!

Embracing the Power of Data to Build Community in Fitness with Strava

Tuesday, June 18th: 3:30pm – 4:30pm CEST

Strava Chief Business Officer Zipporah “Zip” Allen and Wpromote’s VP of Integrated Media Sammy Rubin are erasing the divide between community-focused marketing and data-driven media strategy.

Zip and Sammy will explore how they’re working together to make Zip’s marketing vision for Strava a reality by effectively combining, augmenting, and amplifying a deep understanding of the emotional and cultural components of the brand/customer relationship with the right data to inspire action and accelerate business outcomes.

That guiding principle is what brought Strava to Wpromote, an independent agency that is helping the fitness app take control of their data and generate powerful insights to unlock opportunities and forge powerful connections with customers.


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