Win with Agility in a Volatile Election Year: Challenger Masterclass

agility webinar preview


Election years are never easy for marketers.

There is more competition for ad inventory, higher costs, and an ever-growing concern for brand safety in volatile media environments. 2024 is shaping up to take that reality to a whole new level. So how do you make sure your brand is ready?

You need to cultivate agility as a brand superpower. Our on-demand Challenger Masterclass will give you the tools you need to look around corners, adapt quickly to changing conditions, and chart a confident path through the chaos to drive business outcomes.

Explore some of the critical scenarios that are likely to arise this year, backed up by Wpromote’s proprietary aggregate Benchmark Explorer data, so you can start planning for potential challenges in the year ahead. Our experts dig into the most important trends coming your way—and surface questions that may not even be on your radar yet, including how to:

  • Stay responsive and pivot to find opportunities in the face of rising platform costs
  • Adapt your media mix in real-time to maximize your brand’s impact during key moments
  • Shift media dollars to respond to changing customer needs throughout the year




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