Challenger AMA: Q&A With Digital Marketing B2C Industry Experts

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Your pressing B2C digital marketing questions, answered

Sometimes you have questions about digital marketing that require a level of expertise that is specific to your industry.

That’s why we invited some trusted experts for an Ask Me Anything focused on the trends shaping the B2C community at present to get you the answers you need. Learn what digital marketers in verticals including retail, hospitality and travel, health, food and beverage, financial services, and more are asking–and what to do with the answers.

Whether you missed the AMA or need a refresher, you can look forward to insights into questions like:

  • What are some shifts you’re seeing in the travel and hospitality industry and is there a way to be prepared for the post-crisis world?
  • What do you think the timeline looks like in terms of going back to normal?
  • Should brands be collecting email addresses for out-of-stock items or taking the opportunity to proactively email customers when orders are taking longer to fulfill?
  • Real Estate is still considered essential as people need a place to live. How would you make people feel comfortable to still want to move during these uncertain times?

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