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Case Study

Focusing On Customers & Achieving Audacious Results

Coyote Logistics challenged Wpromote to take on some big goals by going straight to the source: their customers. Leveraging Google’s machine learning capabilities, Wpromote was able to increase Coyote’s coverage on relevant searches from potential customers by over 50%.

Their Story

Supplying Solutions

Coyote shook up the complex world of logistics and supply chain management with their singular focus on their customers–something more important than ever in a world affected by a pandemic that directly affects global supply chains and shipping. Their unique value lies in the depth, breadth, and diversity of their global solutions portfolio that helps shippers move their products and carriers fill their trucks, all driven by best-in-class technology and data intelligence.

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  • “When we hired Wpromote, we gutted everything and asked for help: here are our business goals and here are how many leads we think we’re going to need. How do we close the gap? That’s the relationship: holistic conversations about how we should structure our dollars to go as far as they can and convert as well as they need to. Wpromote was foundational in putting that together with us.”
    Alan Onnen
    Director of Digital Marketing, Coyote Logistics

The Challenge

Driving Quality Leads

When Christina Bottis, CMO of Coyote, and Alan Onnen, Director of Digital Marketing, joined the Coyote team, the digital strategy primarily consisted of spending money on display advertising and paid search campaigns targeting branded keywords that duplicated organic results already winning on the search engine results page. They knew they needed a solutions provider that could align their digital marketing efforts with their business objectives and drive quality leads, which brought them to Wpromote.

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The Solution

Rethinking Strategy

Together, Wpromote and Coyote reimagined a digital marketing strategy that is driven by customer insights, and makes a tangible impact on revenue by leveraging a deep understanding of shippers and carriers, partnering with the sales team, and investing heavily in a new paid search strategy.

To get to the next level, the team had to confront assumptions they were making about their customers and challenge themselves to figure out what they didn’t already know. That meant getting a better understanding of their customers, from their language to the challenges they might be facing to their values. 15% of Google searches every day have never been searched before, which represents a lot of potential missed opportunities. Wpromote was tasked with figuring out how to capture the demand associated with those searches more effectively.

The Wpromote experts recommended leaning into the machine learning capabilities of the Google Algorithm to allow it to look outside of Coyote’s standard keyword strategies to find broader non-branded searches that are still likely to convert. After launching the campaign, Coyote’s coverage on relevant searches by potential customers increased by over 50%.

As the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Wpromote was able to help Coyote use data to stay nimble and responsive to all of the changes and to continue to serve customers. The company continued to invest in broad campaigns to efficiently find new potential customers at a time when many companies were going dark–instead, Coyote prioritized content to keep customers informed and let them know how Coyote could help them. And the efficient qualified lead generation trend continued: April cost-per-lead is down 20% MoM.

Channels + Services

Paid Search
Email Marketing

Speaking Their Language

The addition of new long-tail keywords aligned with the customer voice drove more efficient spend to achieve better lead gen results.

  • 21% Decrease In Cost-Per-Lead
  • 50% Decrease In CPC
  • 75% Increase In Impressions

Proof Is In The Numbers