The Inflection Point: Predicting the Future After Marketing’s Tempestuous Year


The Next Big Shift In Marketing Is Around The Corner

We’ve all been waiting for the “new normal” to finally materialize, but what’s clear now is that we need to get comfortable with uncertainty and plan accordingly. That’s why it’s critical to stop and take account of what we’ve learned so far and what’s still to come.

Marketers have been focused on reacting, honing our ability to respond to new challenges in real time but barely finding time to plan for the future. From data privacy changes to consumer expectations, we need a deeper discussion if we’re going to make the right decisions for our brands in the future.

We invited some of the finest minds in marketing to join us for a virtual panel to explore where we go from here.


Check out the full event on demand to dig into the trajectory of trends like:

  • Digital acceleration and the consumer shift to eCommerce
  • Data privacy challenges and the path forward for data-driven marketing
  • Integrated customer experience and heightened expectations for brands
  • Converged TV and aligning television with performance strategies



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