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  • Alleyoop products

    Leveraging Creative To Drive Efficiency In Beauty
    Working closely with our media channel team, we harnessed the power of performance creative to drive sales through paid social. We regularly produced, deployed, and measured new creative with an always testing mindset. By identifying new creative opportunities from top of the funnel down, we developed assets tailored toward priority audiences and anchor products, and continually developed new hypotheses to test. Leveraging data as our source of truth, we were able to iterate on our learnings and over time generate significant growth and efficiency to the bottom line.

    107% Increase In Facebook Revenue
    53% Increase In Facebook ROAS
  • doctors studying around table

    Making The Leap From TV Advertising To Digital Video
    International Education Corporation (IEC) teamed up with Wpromote and Google to do an official brand lift study about influencing user behavior through YouTube. The study measured the brand awareness IEC’s YouTube videos generated in target audiences, and what percentage of audiences considered choosing IEC over competitors as a result. IEC and Wpromote received best-in-class increases in brand interest.

    22% Increase In Brand Awareness
    263% Increase In Brand Interest
  • couple buying car in dealership

    Refreshing Content To Delight Audiences
    As J.D. Power prepared to launch a new version of their popular list ranking car brands, they realized that past versions of the list didn’t drive engagement. They partnered with Wpromote to take advantage of the opportunity by creating fun and educational assets. Together, the team developed fresh content and vastly improved existing pages. Partnership placements also amplified the brand so J.D. Power could reach an even broader audience.

    18% increase in traffic
    10% Lift in page 1 ranking keywords
  • Man entering hotel lobby

    Growing To Dominate Local Competitors
    A Marriott hotel was struggling to show up on local-level searches with only generic copy on the website. Wpromote developed a keyword strategy based on the location, key amenities, and competition, then rewrote content across the site to include those keywords. All existing local citation listings were audited and updated. This hotel now outperforms Marriott’s top competitors on Google.

    SEO higher rankings than top 3 competitors
    48% Of keywords now found on 1st page
  • group of friends dining outdoors

    Building A Presence To Own The Outdoor Furniture Market
    POLYWOOD and Wpromote set out to create a holistic Amazon campaign approach. Working on the Amazon Ads platform, Wpromote designed a comprehensive full-funnel strategy by identifying areas with medium-to-low competition, utilizing various campaign types, and optimizing campaigns to reduce waste. As a result, POLYWOOD® experienced tremendous growth in sales and revenue with minimal downsides.


“Wpromote is a great business partner that functions as an extension of our internal marketing department. I truly feel that the entire Wpromote team has Zenni’s best interest at heart. I appreciate that Wpromote always has such a positive can-do attitude, that everyone on the account loves the Zenni brand, and that they provide great data insights to round out their digital marketing expertise.”


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From Boutique To Blooming Business
To help launch new campaigns, Erin Condren tasked Wpromote data scientists with finding more efficient ways to use their marketing dollars. After performing CPA and CLV analyses, we developed a living model predicting the future value of each customer. This strategy saw ROAS from paid search and Facebook soar.

  • Erin Condren products
  • two people running at sunset

    Launching One Million Category Pages
    Wpromote worked with Hibbett to implement a classic SEO strategy and train the team on in-depth SEO processes. At the same time, Wpromote generated a list of over 1,000 actionable long-tail keyword opportunities, and Hibbett approved the creation of unique content for over 300 categories, further boosting each category page’s potential rankings for each keyword, as well as aggregate reach and impact.

    40% Increase In Organic Search Traffic
    36% Increase In ROI
  • man looking at clear skin in mirror

    From Underperforming To Outstanding Achievement
    By migrating platforms from Adobe Analytics to best-in-class Google Analytics, Proactiv was able to look at their data in a new way. Working within Tealium Tag Manager, Wpromote integrated optimized data from Oracle Maxymiser into Google Analytics. We then implemented a granular event tracking strategy to uncover customers’ interactions prior to purchase, helping Proactiv fully capitalize on their data.

    Insights developed dashboards to provide executive-level insights on demand
    Attribution provided comprehensive grouping strategies for acquisition attribution analysis
  • shop owner on tablet

    Creating Educational Content To Support Users
    Wpromote helped 1-800Accountant develop new educational content to drive qualified leads. The piece was distributed using an integrated approach, including an email lightbox that directed traffic to the download landing page, which increased visibility and generated a high-quality list of prospects. 1-800Accountant was able to significantly increase quality organic leads.

    4,300 Impressions Generated In Two Months
    87 Organic Leads Gained in Two months
  • Father and son brushing teeth

    Bringing InterDent To The Local 3 Pack 
    Wpromote proposed a plan to consolidate 200+ existing microsites into a single domain to improve website rankings. To start, Wpromote built a new website consolidating all 200+ Gentle Dental and SmileKeepers locations, updated and optimized directories, and helped develop Gentle Dental’s resource hub “Dental IQ,” which has driven additional traffic to the website and established Gentle Dental as thought leaders in the dentistry space.

    390% Increase In Offices Ranking In The Local 3 Pack
    745% Increase In Overall Visits From Organic Search

“Wpromote showed us how to use Google in a way we never have before. They overcame our skepticism and helped make our growth exponential on channels that hadn’t worked previously.”


  • woman on phone in coffee shop

    Improving Engagement Through Streamlined Design
    For GoWireless’s subscription program, they had an automated welcome email for those who had newly opted in. Wpromote saw an opportunity to improve engagement by updating to a streamlined email template design optimized for mobile viewing. Before updating the template, the clickthrough rate was 3.04%. After implementing the template optimizations, the clickthrough rate of the same email increased to 8.69%, showing a YoY improvement of +186%. The click-to-open rate (CTOR) also improved YoY by +260%.

    186% increase in CTR
    260% increase in CTOR
  • Frontier airlines plane

    Revitalizing Dynamic Creative Messaging To Grow Reach
    Frontier Airlines was looking to increase efficiencies in new customer acquisition across media activations by testing additional audience, media, and ad formats across channels. The team paired a content feed with Google Flights API, which allowed them to dynamically insert creative messaging and price points that would automatically update throughout the day. Baselines against lookalike audiences and first-party tactics were used to measure success for incremental travel partners allowing us to grow revenue, bookings, and reach.

    23% Increase In Return On Ad Spend
    74% Increase In Overall Revenue
  • Jouer beauty product

    Scaling Efficiency Through Targeted Creative
    Performance creative is a powerful lever when looking to increase scale and efficiency in channel. Working closely with our media channel team, we tailored creative toward high-value audiences and produced new assets for continuous testing and iteration from top of the funnel down on paid social. We regularly produced, deployed, and measured our efforts, gaining key learnings to adapt our creative strategy over time for increased efficiency and performance.

    45% Increase in Facebook spend
    25% Increase in Facebook ROAS
  • grandmother and granddaughter hugging

    Optimizing For Google Shopping To Achieve Digital Growth
    Headcovers Unlimited’s products and mission put them on the map, but the 20 year old company needed a digital refresh. Wpromote readied their product feed for Google Shopping by fixing inaccurate product types, optimizing underperforming titles, and adjusting unsupported color values. These changes grew conversions 160%, growing the brand’s digital presence quickly and efficiently.

    861% increase in clicks
    1,380% increase in impressions
  • Archer Hotel Napa

    Supporting A New Hotel With A Digital Foundation
    To support a newly built hotel in downtown Napa and drive awareness of the revitalized area, Archer Hotel needed an integrated digital approach. Wpromote optimized each channel, updating metadata and on-page content, creating paid search retargeting campaigns, and leveraging lookalike audiences, email lists, and demographic insights on Facebook. As a result, the brand enjoyed one of its strongest openings.

    55% month-over-month increase in revenue after ads were live
    600% increase in revenue after ads were live for six months

“Wpromote brings a new rigor to all things creative strategy. They have a major emphasis on best practices. It’s nice that strategy is now tied together in a little package with a bow, we didn’t have that before and it’s super helpful. Our team clearly loves to get our hands dirty with the data.”


Mizzen + Main logo

Speaking Style To New Customers
To manage its Facebook marketing strategy, Mizzen+Main partnered with Wpromote. Together they devised a plan to use Instagram posts from influencers to reach prospective customers. Once an influencer posted their photo or video, it would flow into Mizzen+Main’s ad account, where Wpromote would transform it into ads with variations in copy and calls-to-action, inspiring people to make a purchase. Mizzen+Main’s campaign strategy proved that ad creative can help acquire new customers and drive sales.

  • mizzen+main model

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