Unlocking the Upper Funnel: Evolve Your Media Strategy to Drive Exponential Growth


Activate Your Marketing at Every Stage of the Customer Journey

From digitally native businesses dipping a toe in the upper funnel through OTT ads to legacy brands struggling to hold their brand marketing budgets accountable, the last year has forced a reckoning when it comes to upper funnel marketing.

But where there’s change, there’s opportunity. So how can you activate the full funnel to achieve your core business objectives?

We’ve assembled a true supergroup of marketing leaders to guide you through the winning strategy for success—which starts with unsiloing your marketing channels, diversifying your media, and accurately attributing touchpoints at every stage of the customer journey.


Tune in to explore how you can:

  • Speak the language of your finance team to open up budgets and measure how effectively upper funnel initiatives support core business objectives
  • Build a powerful cross-channel upper funnel strategy that drives qualified downstream demand
  • Connect your upper funnel marketing and your lower funnel direct response campaigns to ensure a cohesive customer experience at every touchpoint

Watch the full session to learn what tactical steps you need to take now to start building your brand for full-funnel performance.



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