We’re changing the game in social: from developing social commerce tactics (now taught at Meta itself) to building audiences with higher LTV and serving award-winning performance creative, we make sure your brand is miles ahead of the competition across every channel.
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Authentic Social Campaigns That Drive Revenue

Social ads drive business goals like awareness, consideration, revenue—but they also need to build a real connection with your audience through innovative creative and targeted messaging.

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Partners, Not Just Media Buyers

We’re here to build a full strategy on social, not just find the perfect media mix: our team is tasked with embedding on your team so we can better understand your business objectives, your brand, and your customers.

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Putting Data To Work

We’ve built a dedicated, integrated tech stack that brings clean data, efficiency-driving automation, and human intelligence and data science expertise together to help our clients move quickly, make better decisions, and drive growth.

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Performance Creative

As the ultimate determinant of success (or failure) in social, we relentlessly test creative and use data to determine what your audience wants, then deploy those learnings across channels.

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Strategic Storytellers

Great storytelling is essential to full-funnel social media marketing. We make sure we’re boosting performance at the bottom funnel by sharing your brand’s story at the top to drive awareness and build a dedicated audience.

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Meta Business Partner (MBP)

Ongoing education? Check. New products? Check. Awesome support? Check. We leverage our MBP status to ensure you have access to the latest and greatest on the world’s biggest social platform.

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Showcasing Your Brand Values

We combine advanced data analysis with a deep understanding of what matters most to your brand and your customers to make sure we’re effectively communicating what’s important.

Are You Telling The Right Story On Social?

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Not A One-Trick Pony

We don’t force a single approach or methodology across our book. Why? Because every business we work with is different: unique business objectives, supply-chain dynamics, sales cycles, and stages of growth. We are diagnostic upfront, then deliberative, prescriptive, and collaborative in our ongoing account management methodology, bringing an individualized strategy to each client engagement.

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  • “By leveraging lifetime value audiences, we’ve been able to use Facebook to attract the best customers. We’re excited to have another tool in our arsenal to build long-term value at our portfolio companies.”
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  • “The partnership continues to be integral in helping us expand our brand and grow at a sustainable rate. During a quarter that was seasonally low, we were able to test and scale our spend and stay below our target cost-per-action.”
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  • “Our partnership with Facebook and Wpromote has allowed for a dynamic integration of creative, copy, and video content, all optimized in a way that reaches our ideal audience.”
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Top Of The Class

Because we manage more spend than any other independent agency, our team is stacked with the best social experts in the business. Whether it’s staying on top of changes with established platforms as a Meta Business Partner or testing out opportunities on TikTok and Spotify, our team of dedicated experts will help you capture more market share and find success on platforms like:

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Building A Creative Strategy That Drives Full-Funnel Results
Wpromote worked with Hibbett to level up their approach to ad creative and better speak to their target audience, stop thumbs on social platforms, and drive full-funnel direct response, resulting in a net profit increase. It was clear that Hibbett’s creative assets need to be personalized for different audiences and tailored for specific platforms. We found that a mix of branded and ways-to-shop messaging was the most effective, helping to instill trust and drive audiences toward conversion.

+40% Improvement in Full-Funnel ROAS
1.7x More Efficient Cost Per Acquisition
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Speaking Style To New Customers
To manage its Facebook marketing strategy, Mizzen+Main partnered with Wpromote. Together they devised a plan to use Instagram posts from influencers to reach prospective customers. Once an influencer posted their photo or video, it would flow into Mizzen+Main’s ad account, where Wpromote would transform it into ads with variations in copy and calls-to-action, inspiring people to make a purchase. Mizzen+Main’s campaign strategy proved that ad creative can help acquire new customers and drive sales.

2.3X Increase In Purchases
3X Return On Ad Spend
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Cooking Up Results With the Perfect Blend of Influencers & Seasonality
Yummly needed to generate interest and drive sales of its innovative product, the Smart Thermometer. They partnered with Wpromote to leverage influencers across social channels like TikTok and Instagram for a Father’s Day campaign that increased awareness, generated strong social engagement, and drove revenue growth, culminating in one of the brand’s best months ever.

305% Higher Click-Through Rate
83% Lower Cost-Per-Click
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People Are Packing Their Bags With Facebook Flight Ads
Frontier Airlines used Facebook flight ads for prospecting which allowed them to more easily present unique offers to people who had already shown intent to travel, regardless of whether they had engaged with Frontier’s brand or visited its website or app. What’s more, the company could then automatically generate travel suggestions from its flight inventory.

2.5X Increase In Revenue
9X Increase In Return On Ad Spend
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Photo vs. Video Ads: A Revealing Comparison
To gain insights into its ad creative, Michael Stars worked with Facebook Business Partner Wpromote to develop and compare two separate but simultaneous campaigns with equal budgets and time frames. For one campaign, the team created photo ads and in the other, the team added motion with text to create video ads. By combining Facebook mobile video ads and automated features, Michael Stars achieved greater efficiency than with photo ads in its campaign.

13% Decrease In Cost Per Purchase
11% Increase In Return On Ad Spend
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Leveraging Creative To Drive Efficiency In Beauty
Working closely with our media channel team, we harnessed the power of performance creative to drive sales through paid social. We regularly produced, deployed, and measured new creative with an always testing mindset. By identifying new creative opportunities from top of the funnel down, we developed assets tailored toward priority audiences and anchor products, and continually developed new hypotheses to test. Leveraging data as our source of truth, we were able to iterate on our learnings and over time generate significant growth and efficiency to the bottom line.

107% Increase In Facebook Revenue
53% Increase In Facebook ROAS

Tell A Better Story, Convert More Customers


Ad Bank

Your Social Strategy Is Only As Good As Your Ad Creative

Grabbing attention on your customers’ nonstop social feeds is always challenging. The right combination of visuals, branding, copy, and calls to action is crucial. Check out our Ad Creative Bank to get inspired by the best ads out there.


Welcome To Wpro VideoLab

Performance creative is the accessible, data-informed video content that connects brand values with the real-world values of people, driving digital advertising performance. Enter Wpro VideoLab, our in-house performance creative studio.

At the Wpro VideoLab we believe:

  • High-performing video creative does not need to be resource or time-intensive to produce.
  • Content should not be in service of a brand’s messaging only, rather, creative should be in service of the consumer (which in turn, performs better).
  • Video should be captivating, evoke emotion, and breathe.
  • Calculated risk is at the heart of performance video, and the risk of testing breads reward.


Our Services

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