The Data: Building for the Privacy-First Marketing of Tomorrow


The Death of Third-Party Data is a Chance for Marketers to Re-Strategize and Rebound

Marketers are reckoning with restrictions on data from platforms, in legislatures, and with their customers. But the vast majority are still relying on duct tape and band-aids to maintain the level of third-party, cross-platform customer insights they’re accustomed to instead of planning for the future.

The truth: we’ve already entered into the data privacy twilight zone. It’s time to face the challenge head-on: marketing leaders must prepare their businesses to embrace a limited data future—and get ready to use available data sets responsibly and effectively.

Learn what you need to do right now and what you need to plan for from marketing leaders like Editor-in-Chief of Search Engine Land Ginny Marvin, Vuori’s Director of Ecommerce at Vuori Jamie Fontana, and Simon Poulton, Wpromote’s VP of Digital Intelligence.

Tune in to explore:

  • What’s coming: how your marketing data access will change in the future
  • How to take action: what marketers need to do right now to position their brands as leaders in a privacy-first world
  • Who needs to get on board: how you can start building bridges with your tech teams and the C-suite to prepare for the shift

Watch the full session to get your hard questions about the future of marketing data answered, and learn what tactical steps you need to take now to thrive in a post-data future.



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