The Future: What’s to Come in 2021 and Beyond


The New Marketing: Be Human, Be Agile, Be Brave

The marketing of tomorrow is more authentic, adaptable, and stands for something. That’s why we’re firing up our Digital Marketing Deloreans to look to the future and get a better understanding of how marketing’s trajectory has shifted—and how brands can leverage those trends to better connect with customers and get results.

We invited a distinguished crew of time travelers digital marketing leaders, including Instagram’s Head of Global Business Marketing Grace Kao, CMO and SVP of Social Responsibility & Impact for the Jacksonville Jaguars Julian Duncan, and Zenni’s Head of Growth Marketing Courtney Fadjo-Biro, to share their predictions, projections, and guidance.

Our panel of experts digs into how you can:

  • Ensure your brand fundamentals are strong so you can take risks without fear
  • Build agility into your strategy by prioritizing high-impact actions instead of trying to do everything at the same time
  • Cultivate a two-way conversation between your brand and your customers by making them a part of your marketing team

Let’s chart a path forward to a new era of marketing together. Access the full Challenger Series on demand here.



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