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The Power Is Yours

Technology can seem like table stakes in digital marketing today, but there’s a key difference between technology that just gets the job done and the kind that harnesses the power of your customer data to unleash new levels of potential for efficiency and performance. That’s the tech we’re investing in and building for our clients.

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We’re Building A Better Solution

Your business has unique needs and priorities, and its success isn’t dependent on a single channel or one source of data. We’ve built out an in-house team of engineers deploying a rigorous development methodology. They’re creating enterprise-class solutions for our clients and our teams to make sure your business gets the intelligence you need to succeed.

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We’re Seizing The Data (Science)

We’re kind of obsessed with empowering our clients with the kind of valuable, timely, and actionable insights that can only come from deep experience distilling complex data into the information leaders need to inform their business decisions across marketing channels. We get creative with big data, identify anomalies, and even predict what’s coming next.

Turn Your Data Into An Action Plan

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Start Your Engines


We believe technology helps us be your best possible partner. We’re investing in tech to drive profitable growth for our clients, starting with our proprietary platform, Bixby. Bixby incorporates automation, persona data, attribution and reporting, and agency-wide testing to make sure your data is working for you.

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Maximize Human Potential With Automation

Every digital marketer in the world spends too much time doing repetitive, mechanical tasks. We leverage automation to help organizations apply human intuition and analysis at scale.

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Drive The Living Flywheel Of Performance

We analyze raw customer data to build cohorts to discover your most valuable customers. That data makes sure your marketing machine is built for perpetual iteration and growth.

Measure The Impact Of Your Marketing

Attribution is getting harder all the time, but our technology helps you understand what efforts are contributing to business successaligned with your business’s core goals and customized for your needs.

Learn From Our Proprietary Trend Data

You don’t just get access to our experts as a Wpromote client, you get access to data and insights from across our entire client base. Note new trends and find solutions to challenges with access to our Challenger Labs.

Bixby is Wpromote’s proprietary tech platform (named after a truly great dog) that helps us deliver efficiently and intelligently.

Our Tech Mission

Whether you’re a large enterprise looking for advanced tech stack recommendations or in fast startup mode needing insights yesterday, our technology platform and team of experts can provide true value to your entire organization. This includes:

  • Agile development methodology
  • Enterprise-class solutions
  • Data security and data governance
  • Harnessing big data
  • Valuable, timely, and objective-based insights
  • Anomaly detection and trend predictions
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Take Your Tech To The Next Level

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