Win With AI By Leveraging Meta Advantage+: Challenger Masterclass

meta masterclass webinar preview


Win With AI By Leveraging Meta Advantage+: Challenger Masterclass

Meta still dominates social ad spend, and marketers need to get smart about finding every edge to get the most value out of the platform. Meta’s AI-powered Advantage+ campaigns were built to help marketers leverage machine learning to maximize efficiency and performance.

But it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. Your brand needs to deploy the right mix of Advantage+ shopping campaign capabilities and lean into the increasingly critical role of creative as a media lever to win on the platform.

Our industry-leading social experts have joined forces in our latest on-demand masterclass to give you a peek behind the curtain at our high-impact approach to Advantage+ campaigns, including how to:

  • Put the new algorithm to work for your brand
  • Structure and deploy Advantage+ campaigns to be as efficient and effective as possible
  • Go beyond standard best practices with creative to drive revenue
  • Leverage advanced Advantage+ strategies and tactics to get results

Powerful AI models will increasingly define the future of social media, and Advantage+ is the tip of the spear. Make sure you’re at the forefront of these changes and your business is positioned to win in Q4 and beyond.




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