Helping ONEHOPE Wine Greet The World & Win Profits With Email Marketing

ONEHOPE Wine needed help in their mission to make the world a better place through delicious wine.

To inspire audiences and generate unstoppable Ecommerce momentum, they knew they needed a dynamic email marketing campaign. Having hit a wall in their quest for growth, they turned to Wpromote to take their efforts to the next level.

Their goal was ambitious: to generate sustainable, increased revenue from emails

while establishing a high-frequency send schedule and earning open rates surpassing the industry average. Wpromote began with creative, overhauling ONEHOPE’s design aesthetics to create beautiful emails that were clean, modern, and pleasing to the eye.

Promotions were created, seasonal messaging was employed, and bold new CTAs were included

in each email in order to create a much more engaging campaign overall. To increase the number of sends and streamline the overall process, Wpromote fully automated ONEHOPE’s email campaign processes.

Wpromote ensured emails were sent at a rate four times greater than before.

Rigorous A/B testing was performed on all email types, creatives, and send times to determine the optimal campaign structure. Email lists were also scrubbed of inactive subscribers to increase ONEHOPE’s email open rate. All of these changes helped create a much higher email ROI.

A Transformation Story

Sales Over A 6 Month Period

increase in open rates

Lost Customers While Attracting New Ones
ONEHOPE Wine experienced an Ecommerce renaissance. Thanks to aggressive sales messaging, engaging promotions, and repeat business generated through follow-up and thank you emails, ONEHOPE shortened their sales cycle and saw their profits soar.
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