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Case Study

Breaking Records By Leveraging Seasonal Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Yummly needed to generate brand awareness and drive purchases for their innovative smart thermometer. They worked with Wpromote to partner with influencers and position the product as the perfect Father’s Day gift, resulting in one of the brand’s best months ever.

Their Story

Taking the Guesswork Out of Cooking

Yummly is on a mission to be the smartest and most helpful food platform on the market, improving life in the kitchen for millions of home cooks around the world. With over two million recipes, Yummly uses proprietary food intelligence technology to recommend meals that cater to 23 million users’ diets, allergies, and tastes.

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  • “Wpromote has been a key part of our success since launching our first physical product in 2020. Throughout the process, they have been data-driven and insights-led, helping us to better understand the shopper for our product as well as the best way to reach them. In several cases they have pushed me to think beyond what has worked for me at other companies in other categories, with good success. Our Father's Day campaign was quite successful at driving demand in a key gift giving season using a combination of tried-and-true and new-to-Yummly tactics and strategies.”
    Brendan Bosch
    Brendan Bosch
    Vice President, Marketing, Yummly

The Challenge

Finding the Recipe for Performance

The Yummly Smart Thermometer is an innovative, app-based cooking assistant that makes multitasking in the kitchen easier—but the higher price point meant it was extra important to make the perfect case to consumers. They joined forces with Wpromote to find the right strategy to generate interest around the product and convince people to make the purchase. Wpromote’s experts identified seasonality as a key ingredient that could drive results in the bottom funnel.

yummly influencer video

yummly influencer video

yummly influencer video

The Solution

Turning Up the Heat In Time for Father’s Day

Rather than wait for the next holiday season, Wpromote realized that the Smart Thermometer was a great fit for Father’s Day 2022, zeroing in on short-form video content as the ideal way to showcase the product’s unique features.

Instead of relying solely on ad campaigns from the brand itself, Yummly and Wpromote looked to social media influencers to make the case for the Smart Thermometer as the ideal gift for dads in 2022.

The team armed 10 diverse influencers with promo codes and Yummly Smart Thermometers to cook their favorite recipe using the product on Instagram Reels and TikTok.

Some partners were dads who provided a peer-to-peer recommendation for the Smart Thermometer as a Father’s Day gift, while others brought a father figure into their content to cook for them or teach them how to use the product.

The Wpromote team took an integrated approach to distribution, promoting the influencer content across both paid social and paid search campaigns. Yummly was able to increase awareness, build excitement, and get the word out about the Smart Thermometer product to relevant communities ahead of the holiday, creating an authentic sense of community and connection that resulted in tangible results for the business.

bringing home the bacon from father’s day gifting

In a single month, organic influencer posts generated strong social engagement and revenue growth, including 15K website sessions and 1,354 promo code redemptions. The influencer whitelisted paid social ads proved more effective and efficient than traditional retargeting campaigns, achieving:

  • 305% Higher CTR
  • 83% Lower CPC
  • 21% Lower CPA

Proof Is In The Numbers