Quantum Health Buzz Away bug spray on an outdoor table beside a child

Case Study

Leaning Into Influencer Creative to Maximize Paid Search Impact

Quantum Health teamed up with Wpromote to find a cost-effective way to develop brand-specific, curated lifestyle content to use in paid search campaigns. Our unique approach, by leveraging influencer assets, resulted in significant performance and efficiency improvements for the brand.

Their Story

Harnessing the Power Of Nature to Keep the Body in Balance

For over 40 years, Quantum Health has led the natural products industry in developing supplements and personal care products that truly work. From the start, their focus and mission have been to provide high-quality, science-based products that improve the quality of life for the natural shopper in health, drug, and food stores.

Quantum Health Buzz Away bug spray on a beach blanket beside a pair of sandals
  • “Sourcing quality creative at a reasonable price has been a source of frustration for years. In the past, we paid thousands to agencies to develop traditional “ads” that just didn’t perform. We are so grateful to Wpromote for developing a unique solution to use influencer content in our paid efforts. Not only do our ads now perform (influencers know how to make compelling content), but the cost is a sliver of what we used to pay.”
    Todd Howerter
    VP, Marketing, Quantum Health

The Challenge

Building Powerful Brand Creative With A Limited Budget

Quantum Health was investing in paid search display and Performance Max campaigns that required strong creative assets to maximize results. They needed to find a way to develop brand-specific lifestyle content despite significant budget limitations that didn’t include a full brand photoshoot. The brand traditionally relied on stock imagery that did not feel fully aligned with the brand’s value and audience.

After successfully leveraging influencer assets on paid social, the Quantum Health team partnered with Wpromote to maximize the impact of those existing partnerships by finding a cost-effective way to generate new creative assets to supercharge paid search.

Four boxes of Quantum Health zinc lozenges stacked on a table in the foreground with a mother and daughter in the background

A mother and daughter sitting on a bed beside two boxes of Quantum Health zinc lozenges on a bedside table

The Solution

Building a Solution for Paid Search Powered By Influencer Creative

Quantum Health had an established, robust influencer program for social media, and the Wpromote team recognized an opportunity to unlock new audiences by growing their existing creative stockpile and integrating successful social creative into paid search campaigns.

Originally, paid search campaign creative was limited to product shots pulled from the website that weren’t particularly engaging or attention-grabbing. We leveraged influencer creative to bring Quantum Health’s ads to life by showing real people using the products in actual situations that customers could recognize.

This new strategy meant we could feed a higher volume of diverse creative options into the algorithm, which gave the campaigns more opportunities to learn and drive stronger performance. We were also able to use the new assets to deploy responsive display ads, which deliver better engagement than standard display ads.

Channels + Services

Paid Search

Boosting Paid Search Efficiency With New Creative Assets

The new influencer creative-powered ads drove higher clickthrough rates and more efficient cost-per-clicks compared to the previous year, including a 60% higher CTR for responsive display ads vs. standard display.

  • +37% Increase in CTR YoY
  • 35% More Efficient CPC YoY

Proof Is In The Numbers