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Case Study

From Unsegmented Audiences To High-Value Cohorts

Erin Condren, like many brands, was looking for key tactics to help them grow the business. By building a living model to predict customer lifetime value, Erin Condren was able to profitably scale new customer acquisition with a 25% lower CPA.

Their Story

Evolution Of A One-Woman Operation

Erin Condren’s story began when she turned her hobby into her hustle. She began designing note cards, baby announcements, birthday gifts, and hostess gifts—but these designs would one day turn into the Erin Condren we know today. The note cards and stickers transformed into LifePlanners™ stylized planners, TakeNote™ notebooks, and so much more.


Continued Success

With success in the palm of their hands, Erin Condren wanted to strategize for continued success. This meant developing key tactics such as predicting future LTV, discovering purchase trends, creating prospecting campaigns, and increasing organic traffic to evergreen content.

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The Solution

Leveraging Insights To Drive Growth

To reach these goals, our teams joined forces to conduct a lifetime value (LTV) analysis of about 5 years of customer data to determine Erin Condren’s current customer LTV, predict future customer LTV, and discover purchase trends. Seeking to leverage these insights ongoing, the Erin Condren team set up a regular data transfer process to make sure that insights were shared with Wpromote’s Data Science team.

  • Together we created a living model that was refreshed monthly which predicted each customer’s future spend with Erin Condren.
  • Thanks to these new insights into Erin Condren’s customer base, our team was able to create lookalike prospecting campaigns modeled on the highest value customers.
  • We looked to apply the insights to other areas of our strategy. One of the ways we did this was through creating a content calendar and conducting on-site video optimization tailored to the interests of the highest value customer personas.
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Scaling Success

Wpromote and Erin Condren built a living model to predictively segment customers. Through our partnership, we were able to gain tremendous new insight into Erin Condren’s customer base and discover a way to profitably and sustainably scale new customer acquisition.

  • 25% Lower CPAs
  • 10x Their CPA Is What New Customers Were Expected To Spend In 12 Months
  • 35% Increase In Organic Traffic

Proof Is In The Numbers