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Case Study

Growth Using Facebook
Value-Based Lookalike Audiences

Working with Wpromote, Brentwood Associates helped 2 portfolio companies break away from traditional advertising media to test the power of Facebook’s value-based lookalike audiences, significantly boosting their return on ad spend.

Their Story

Sustainable Growth

The Los Angeles-based private equity firm provides investment and operations experience to its portfolio companies, helping them transform into category-defining businesses. With more than $2.4 billion in assets, Brentwood Associates works with the entrepreneurs among its high-growth clientele to build their businesses for the long term.

  • “Wpromote has been an essential expert resource. They’re not just an agency out to spend our marketing dollars—they want to know the bottom line impact.”
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    Jay Sung
    Operating Partner & CMO, Brentwood Associates

The Challenge

Capturing New Customers

Brentwood Associates wanted to help its portfolio companies find new customers who are likely to buy their products.

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The Solution

Diving Into Digital

Soft Surroundings

Working in conjunction with Wpromote, Brentwood Associates encouraged Soft Surroundings to complement its historical reliance on traditional catalog sales with an effort to acquire more customers through digital media.

  • Soft Surroundings created a value-based lookalike audience from a custom audience of its most valuable customers.
  • As the campaign ran, the team steadily increased its ad spend on the top-performing audiences.
  • Soft Surroundings also used automatic placements, which allowed us to place ads across its family of apps and services and get the best results available.
  • The company measured its results on Facebook against using traditional catalog distribution to expand its customer base.


Brentwood Associates paired us with J.McLaughlin to help the brand evolve its advertising approach to incorporate a digital-first strategy. The campaign’s focal point was Facebook’s value-based lookalike audiences.

  • The team created a custom audience of J. McLaughlin customers that assigned a lifetime value to each person.
  • The team built value-based lookalike audiences from the custom audience.
  • As the campaign ran, the team steadily increased its investment in the top-performing lookalike audiences to help J.McLaughlin reach more new customers.

Channels + Services

Social Media

Getting The Most For Their Money

Brentwood Associates and Wpromote used their analysis to increase ad spend on top-performing audiences, allowing their clients to expand their customer base and increase their revenue.

  • 40% Higher Return On Ad Spend For Soft Surroundings
  • 76% Higher Return On Ad Spend For J.McLaughlin

Proof Is In The Numbers