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Case Study

Driving Digital Growth Using Amazon Marketing Tools and Bulk Operations

Wpromote helps FIVE STAR achieve a 31% reduction in cost-per-clicks on Amazon while also driving operational efficiency through bulk operations.

Their Story

A Proven Leader In School Supplies

FIVE STAR provides durable, innovative school supplies to empower students who strive to succeed both socially and academically. For over 35 years, FIVE STAR has been a leader in the notebook, binder, and folder categories.

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  • “Back to school is an extremely important time of year for our business, and we needed to pivot to a digital-first approach focused on Amazon. Our Wpromote team leveraged a full-funnel strategy and Amazon’s marketing tools to ensure we saw significant results at scale.”
    Alyssa Scenters
    Digital Marketing Manager, Amazon, ACCO Brands

The Challenge

Converting Brick and Mortar Success to Digital

Wpromote was tasked with converting FIVE STAR’s success from brick and mortar retail stores to Amazon, and to drive strategic positioning as the premier notebook brand. FIVE STAR also sought organic category growth and wanted to surpass the sales of the previous year.

To achieve these goals, Wpromote recognized the need to support FIVE STAR’s efficiency across their entire catalogue, and focus on both keyword expansion and identification of products best suited for success on Amazon. On top of this, the global pandemic added a layer of change to back-to-school shopping, which historically had been measured in a predictable busy period lasting a few weeks. Tasked with testing and launching new strategies with limited time, Wpromote had to act quickly to position FIVE STAR before the back to school rush.

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The Solution

Targeting the Full Funnel Through Paid and Organic Opportunities on Amazon

Wpromote utilized a Structured Products campaign structure to test hundreds of products against thousands of targeted keywords, then optimized the best products for individual auctions. To stay top-of-mind on Prime decision pages, Wpromote also deployed Sponsored Products targeting. Higher in the funnel, Sponsored Brands enabled FIVE STAR to display in key placements and rank high on search engine results pages, ensuring the brand would be one of the first that consumers found.

With thousands of keyword optimizations to manage to execute these hyper-granular strategies, Wpromote turned to Amazon Advertising’s bulk operations tools. Initially, FIVE STAR assembled and uploaded 550 campaigns to bulksheets, Amazon’s format for bulk operations, in just a few hours (a process that normally would have taken days).

Once the campaigns were live, Wpromote used bulksheets to make product optimizations quickly and at scale. This allowed for continued optimizations across products throughout the campaign run times. In addition, Wpromote used Amazon Attribution to measure shopping activity and sales performance of non-Amazon social media campaigns on FIVE STAR’s Amazon business.

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Driving Both Efficiency and Business Impact Through Amazon

From August 2019 to August 2020, FIVE STAR increased operational efficiency on Amazon by 73% and achieved a 31% decrease in cost-per-clicks and a 26% increase in conversion rates.

  • 73% Increase YoY In Operational Efficiency On Amazon
  • 31% Decrease YoY In Amazon Cost-Per-Clicks
  • 26% Increase YoY In Amazon Conversion Rates

Proof Is In The Numbers