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Case Study

Unlocking Performance on Meta With Polaris Creative Accelerator

Free Fly partnered with Wpromote to effectively test, identify, and scale top-performing creative assets using Wpromote’s Creative Accelerator app, driving significant performance improvements.

Their Story

Uncomplicating Performance Apparel

Free Fly is a family-owned apparel company that stands for comfort and freedom. They are on a mission to empower customers to live their most comfortable lives outdoors doing the things they love by making performance apparel less complicated.

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  • “Our Wpromote team uses Creative Accelerator to test diverse creative themes that can then move into evergreen campaigns, which is critical to driving performance and scale on Meta. But the app also gives us a long-term advantage because it produces actionable insights that power the continued evolution of our brand-led creative pipeline.”
    Kimberly Trembearth
    Director of Growth Marketing, Free Fly

The Challenge

Searching for Better Creative Performance Insights

Free Fly had plenty of creative assets to deploy in social campaigns, but they were struggling to understand which ones drove the maximum performance as Meta shifted to increased automation. They partnered with Wpromote to find a better way to test themes to effectively scale and optimize the right assets, as well as signals to help inform future creative ideation.

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The Solution

Deploying Creative Accelerator to Identify & Scale Top-Performing Creative

The Wpromote team realized Free Fly was a perfect fit for Creative Accelerator, a new app in Polaris, the agency’s proprietary marketing platform. Creative Accelerator was built to systematically test new creative themes against broad audiences on Meta so Free Fly can leverage top-performing creative as an effective targeting strategy through continued data deprecation.

Free Fly joined the beta test cohort for the app, and Wpromote’s experts set up dedicated Creative Accelerator campaigns that would run every piece of net-new Free Fly creative through a 10-14 day test.

Free Fly’s Creative Accelerator campaigns fully maximize broad targeting in each testing cell so Wpromote can quickly identify the creative that works best for most high-intent shoppers, then move those high performers into relevant evergreen campaigns.

Channels + Services

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Free Fly now leverages Creative Accelerator across all of their creative, scaling winning assets to drive customer acquisition and significant performance improvements.

  • 250+ unique creative concepts tested with Creative Accelerator
  • 25% higher average conversion rate vs. base evergreen campaigns
  • 6% lower average CPMs vs. base evergreen campaigns

Proof Is In The Numbers