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Case Study

Launched Direct-To-Consumer Internet Bank

A well established financial institution was looking to launch a DTC internet bank, early-to-market with little to no brand recognition. Wpromote helped this challenger brand establish itself in the market and drive significant growth in deposits.

Their Story

A Century Of Experience

A 100-year old leading financial institution that is focused on empowering businesses and personal savers with the financial agility to navigate their goals. True to its pioneering legacy, this financial institution sought to launch a direct-to-consumer internet bank.

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  • “Great agency to work with that delivers on results to drive business growth!”
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    Financial Institution

The Challenge

Banking On Digital

The challenge was to establish a digital footprint quickly and begin acquiring efficient deposits through savings products in a crowded category, with little to no consumer brand awareness.

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The Solution

Investing In Growth

Wpromote developed a multi-channel strategy, informed by a deep exploration of the brand, category, and audience. Our approach was executed in three phases (soft launch, launch, ongoing) to build awareness, interest, and demand. Before launch, clear KPIs were established and goals were mapped to specific marketing channels.

Our integrated marketing plan comprised of paid search, display, rate tables, and social media to activate prospects. Advanced targeting, message and creative testing, and segmentation were among the tactics leveraged to optimize results.

As the customer base grew, we tapped customer marketing tactics including search and display remarketing and email marketing. Wpromote designed, developed, and deployed a suite of emails which included promotional offers, product announcements, bank updates, and other communications.

As the brand has continued to evolve and grow, Wpromote has been a key partner helping to support this bank’s multi-year strategic transformation. Wpromote worked tirelessly to support a major migration effort combining three websites into a singular domain.

As a result of our efforts including SEO optimizations, new content creation, social amplification, and paid exposure, the company has seen tremendous growth of new customers and deposits.


Overall, Wpromote has focused on efficiently increasing site performance, and introducing new digital tactics to drive new customers and deposits.

  • $18B+ In Deposits Acquired
  • 68% Reduction In Cost-Per-Account
  • 1K+ Page 1 Keywords

Proof Is In The Numbers