Case Study

Leveraging Influencers to Power a New Go-To-Market

California Psychics was focused on building a cohesive branded strategy across channels. Armed with data-driven insights, Wpromote crafted an omnichannel strategy to maximize the value of partnerships with influencers like the TikTok-famous Tinx.

Their Story

Highlighting the Strength of a Psychic Connection

Since 1995, California Psychics has connected consumers with some of the most experienced psychics worldwide. Whether someone is facing upcoming life changes or simply wants a clearer idea of who they are, California Psychics is there to provide the “joy of certainty” with their insights.

  • “From an omnichannel perspective, it was impressive to watch the influencer program work seamlessly with the other channel teams on an aligned strategy and theme while broadening both our reach and audience engagement. As a company that used the last year to rebrand, those campaigns really drove momentum that allowed new users to see and hear our rebranded materials, which in turn expanded our potential client base in ways I truly believe wouldn’t have been possible without the Wpromote influencer team.”
    Caitlyn Hill
    Paid Media Manager, OUTLOOK AMUSEMENTS

The Challenge

Reinvigorating Consumer Perception With a New Brand Story

An outdated strategy had left California Psychics’ media mix operating in silos. They turned to Wpromote to help craft a cohesive brand story across the various digital media channels so they could go to market with a fresh, relevant new story.

As part of that omnichannel approach, California Psychics needed to utilize strategic influencer partnerships to authentically tell this new story. Wpromote identified the personal use cases that could be leveraged in the rebrand and deployed across the digital media landscape.

tinx tiktok

The Solution

Putting Premium Influencer Partnerships on Display

California Psychics needed an influencer partner who had already built up trust with the audiences the brand was looking to connect with. Wpromote’s experts identified Christina Najjar, publicly known as Tinx, to bring the rebrand to life with her personal experiences.

After we identified Tinx’s podcast as the perfect premium partner opportunity, Wpromote secured the paid usage rights to extend the value of the organic content and create pulses for her longer-running collaborations across programmatic, paid social, and organic channels.


Tinx’s social deliverables included two 24-hour-only Instagram Story sets. The content captured attention and drove the highest site traffic of any organic partner. Her social traffic contributed to 0.1% of all traffic to the site from 5/19 to 6/23.

  • 668,071 Impressions
  • 16,000 Site Visits
  • 8X Increase in conversion rate

Proof Is In The Numbers