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Case Study

Hydration Education With Interactive Content

Through the creation of engaging interactive content, Pentair Pelican was able to bring in 40K+ new visitors to their site.

Their Story

Sustainable Water Solutions

Pentair Pelican is passionate about bringing healthy, clean, and safe water through a comprehensive range of smart, sustainable water solutions to homes, businesses, and industries around the world.


New Audience Education

Pentair Pelican wanted to increase brand reach for niche audiences using a content-driven approach.

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The Solution

Testing The Waters

To reach Pelican’s goals, Wpromote created an interactive hydration calculator that would give visitors a unique and personalized experience. The calculator helped users determine how much water they should be drinking based on how much they exercised, how intensely, and demographic factors. The results gave visitors estimated daily water intake and provided helpful resources as well.

To get started on the hydration calculator, we began by researching their industry and identifying commonly asked questions on social media and in the news. We wanted to build a tool that had utility while also being engaging and highly shareable.

Pentair Pelican utilized a target audience that consisted of their Family, Eco-Friendly, and Health & Wellness groups when designing their hydration calculator. This helped them tailor the content to be directly beneficial for those key groups.

Pentair Pelican worked with Wpromote channel leaders in paid search, SEO, email, social, and content marketing to create an integrated campaign for their hydration calculator promotion.

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Wave Of Success

The hydration calculator lead to an increased number of brand new users to the website, an increase in return on advertising spend on Facebook, and notable shares and comments.

  • 40K+ Brand New Users To The Website
  • 7.90 ROAS Through Facebook Advertising
  • 2K Social Shares & Comments

Proof Is In The Numbers