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Case Study

Capturing Market Share With an Audience-Centric Brandformance Strategy

Anytime Fitness partnered with Wpromote to find a way to capture market share in the fiercely competitive fitness category. Together, we crafted an audience-centric media approach that differentiates the brand in the market, resonates authentically with potential customers, and inspires action.

Their Story

Helping Customers Forge Their Own Path to Fitness

Anytime Fitness is building a different kind of gym, one that is the right place for everyone and anyone. With flexible training options and 24/7 access to an inclusive environment, people from all backgrounds call Anytime Fitness their home.

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  • “Partnering with Wpromote has been game-changing for our team and business. The audience-centric approach and innovative media strategies we've built together have boosted our brand awareness and consideration along with lead generation efficiency and volume in a competitive category. This pivotal collaboration has resulted in media that resonates deeply with our audience and drives impressive business growth, and we look forward to continued success together.”
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    Tyler Igou
    Director, Paid Media & Demand Generation

The Challenge

Capitalizing on Seasonal Interest Against Heavy Competition

Anytime Fitness was facing a crowded market, including large competitors with bigger budgets and stronger brand recognition. To find a way to stand out and win, they partnered with Wpromote to carve out a distinct brand position and capitalize on seasonal category interest around the New Year. Our collective aim was to outsmart, not outspend, competitors by driving brand awareness and consideration while sustaining lead and member acquisition during this peak period.

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The Solution

Standing Out With Differentiated Creative and Full-Funnel Media Strategy

Anytime Fitness and Wpromote’s experts knew we needed to supercharge the upper funnel to connect with audiences earlier in their gym-seeking journey and get the results we were looking for. To find the right approach, Wpromote dug into Anytime Fitness’ extensive customer research to better understand who we were trying to reach, their desires and pain points, and where they were spending time online.

Together, we learned that our audiences wanted to improve their health but were feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by toxic societal expectations, shameful diet culture rhetoric, and growing economic pressures. Our target segments were looking for real health and fitness progress, financially accessible options, a supportive community, and less unrealistic industry standards of perfection.

These learnings were the unlock we had been looking for: the go-to-market messaging could challenge those norms and champion an uplifting and heartfelt narrative, positioning Anytime Fitness as the fitness brand for anyone who wants to live healthier and happier, anywhere, anytime, on their own terms.

To make every advertising dollar count and amplify the impact of our distinctive creative approach, Wpromote built a targeted multi-touch media strategy around the key personas Anytime Fitness established through their consumer and category research.

That strategy brought the creative to life by prioritizing upper-funnel video tactics that focused on storytelling, including CTV, linear TV, online video, TikTok, Snapchat, Meta Moment Maker, and YouTube. Our primary targets were spending a significant amount of time listening to podcasts, streaming sports, and online gaming, so we organized direct buys with Spotify, ESPN, and Twitch to ensure we were meeting our audience where they were already spending their time.

To drive site traffic and brand engagement in the mid-funnel, we leveraged high-impact display creatives across premium content platforms with vendors like Kargo, Padsquad, Dotdash Meredith, ESPN, Twitch, and Apple News.


By harnessing the collective expertise of our teams and leveraging cutting-edge media strategies, we outmaneuvered significant competition and reshaped the Anytime Fitness brand narrative to resonate with audiences and drive business outcomes.

  • 50% Increase in share of voice
  • 10% Increase in lead volume
  • 11% Lower cost-per-lead

Proof Is In The Numbers