Woman wearing Johnny Was clothing

Case Study

Establishing Brand Loyalty With Great Emails

Johnny Was revamped their existing email campaigns and used personalization and segmentation to increase both conversion rates and revenue.

Their Story

Vintage-Inspired Collections

Bob Marley’s lyrics, “Johnny was a good man…,” would one day become the inspiration for Eli Levite’s first vintage-inspired collection, Johnny Was. Levite built Johnny Was in hopes for people to find solace in the juxtaposition of beautifully crafted, luxurious, flowing clothing and gorgeous, handcrafted, and industrial accessories.


Unengaged Subscribers

Johnny Was knew they offered something incredible: a chic, vintage look found nowhere else, and customers adored them. However, their existing email welcome series for new signups simply wasn’t earning the conversions or the buzz it should have been—and so, the brand turned to Wpromote.

Woman wearing Johnny Was clothing

The Solution

Email Personalization & Segmentation

  • Boost returns, engagement, and segmentation capabilities by revamping the existing welcome series through personalized, multi-path sends that incentivize new subscribers to purchase handpicked products.
  • Leverage Bronto’s Coupon Manager App to give subscribers their own unique coupon that expires 7 days after the email was opened, creating a sense of urgency.
  • Build out dynamic segments to capture information as recipients click through the emails.
  • Demographics and preferences collected at the time of signup were leveraged to create bespoke email sends that appealed to individual subscribers’ interests.
Johnny Was email on tablet

Exceptional Emails

Wpromote not only met the expectations set out by the Johnny Was team—we exceeded them. Tasked with growing revenue, increasing conversion rates, and winning over new customers, all while improving brand loyalty, Wpromote significantly raised both revenue and overall email engagement for the boho brand.

  • 271% Increase In Revenue For New Welcome Series
  • 212% Increase In Revenue-Per-Email For First Welcome Email
  • 56% Increase In Clickthrough Rate For New Welcome Series

Proof Is In The Numbers