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Case Study

Leveraging Store Visits Technology For Optimizing Campaigns

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® and Wpromote test the effectiveness of creative using Store Visits tracking on their ad accounts, setting them up to better reach their customers and measure digital impact.

Their Story

Crafting The Best Brewed Coffee

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® was born in Southern California in 1963, and since then has continued to brew exceptional coffee. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® has always been passionate about connecting loyal customers with carefully handcrafted products. In fact, their coffee master, Jay Isais, only selects the top 1% of Arabica beans from the world’s best growing regions.

The Challenge

Conquering The Coffee Market

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® needed to take on the Challenger mindset in the face of domination by larger brands and the rise of third-wave coffee retailers throughout Southern California. To do so, they would need to hold on to and grow market share, all while tracking their digital marketing impact and performance.

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The Solution

Measuring Success With Store Visits Technology

In order to measure success and the impact of creative, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® and Wpromote looked at Store Visits tracking. The Store Visits tracking in Google and Facebook provided statistically significant in-store visits reporting across their store network.

Our team at Wpromote leveraged our agency partnership with Facebook to get The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® into the Facebook Beta as soon they became eligible.

To ensure the success of future campaigns, we now look at store visits in all of our media reporting in tandem with cost/store visit. These are now the crux of our reporting.

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Success Beyond A Cup of Coffee

Utilizing the Store Visits technology, we were able to provide executive leadership with a more end to end media performance report. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® is now able to translate media buying and impressions to actual in-store consumer behavior while quantifying media impact to show its value.

  • 13.12 Return On Ad Spend Generated
  • 23% Improved Cost-Per-Store Visit

Proof Is In The Numbers