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Case Study

Implementing Ambitious Campaigns To Grow Audiences

Jack Black had an ambitious goal of 25% revenue growth year-over-year. To achieve this, Wpromote built dynamic and bold campaigns with advanced audience targeting. Within less than 3 months, we not only met Jack Black’s ambitious growth goals, but we far surpassed them.

Their Story

Men’s Skincare That’s Anything But Complicated

Jack Black wanted no-nonsense products that worked as advertised and used the best ingredients that were never, ever tested on animals. As a result, they created the #1 best-selling men’s skincare brand that was the least bit complicated.

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  • “Wpromote does a fantastic job partnering across channels, and executing and reporting as such. For us as a brand, it’s super important to know that our dollars are working as hard as they can for us, and Wpromote is excellent not only at executing with this in mind, but communicating that back to us.”

    Gabrielle Delatin
    Director of Marketing, Jack Black

The Challenge

Going Beyond Powerful Skincare

Jack Black knew they had an incredible product with a sincere, honest approach, and needed help bringing their unbeaten value proposition to the customers who would love them. In need of a strong digital marketing partner to power their paid and programmatic efforts, Jack Black reached out to Wpromote.

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The Solution

The Jack Black Three-Step Solution

  • Full-funnel strategies were developed to nurture the sales process across various touch points while also leveraging customized audiences to maximize profitability.
  • The brand moved to a much more robust programmatic ad platform, making great use of new prospecting and remarketing opportunities as well as specialized audience targeting.
  • Programmatic efforts were expanded to include incentive-type ads and non-brand searches on Google and Bing, driving new site traffic.

Programmatic retargeting aimed more general ads at current customers to keep Jack Black top of mind, while Facebook Dynamic Product Ads were utilized to deliver personalized ads based on products that browsers had previously viewed on the site.

Wpromote’s experienced team also increased bids for audiences that had previously visited the site, creating greater visibility in Google and Bing. Across mid- and bottom-funnel audiences, Customer Match brought in new visitors, while creative social media messaging catered to previous customers, boosting brand loyalty and overall customer lifetime value.

No-nonsense Kind Of Results

Combined, Google and Bing experienced a 36% lift in brand ad clicks and a 42% lift in brand conversions, both of which continue to grow. Facebook advertising resulted in a massive 623% increase in revenue YoY, while programmatic campaigns saw a 512% increase.

  • 49% Increase In New Site Visitors
  • 34% Increase In Transactions
  • 30% Increase In Overall Revenue

Proof Is In The Numbers