Case Study

Using Integrated Powers Of Paid Media To Increase Sales

Ember needed to meet its annual sales goal and Wpromote crafted a strategy rooted in integrating Amazon and paid media to achieve a banner year for the brand.

Their Story

Brewing A Unique Experience

Ember was created to solve a simple, yet universal problem for coffee and tea drinkers. Using their patented temperature control technology, Ember invented a way to extend the moment of perfection with the customer’s favorite hot beverage. Ember Mugs are just the beginning. Their mission is to harness the power of temperature control to transform how the world eats, drinks, and lives.


Achieving Brand Awareness & Revenue Growth

Ember needed to achieve large Q4 digital sales growth, increase brand awareness, acquire new customers, and increase customer conversions on Amazon and On Amazon specifically, Ember’s challenges started at targeting and structure, limited creative assets, and strategy, as well as needing better alignment of their inventory to paid media efforts.

woman holding ember mug

The Solution

Paid Media Strategy That Performs

Wpromote took over Amazon ad management in late Q3 and we had to quickly assess the account and the competitive landscape. Wpromote guided Ember on how to craft a strategy that would help them achieve the sales growth needed in Q4, and how to integrate that strategy with other paid media channels. Here’s a breakdown of how Wpromote and Ember worked together to generate success:

  • Leveraging Integrated Channel Data
  • Paid media keyword discovery
  • Cross-Platform data sharing
  • Daily inventory to paid media alignment on U.S. campaigns
  • Campaign Set-Up
  • Serving video ads to search queries
  • Expanded keywords to non-brand searches
  • Targeted key competitors
  • Implemented “brand defense” strategy to combat competitor conquesting
  • Aligned inventory to ads
  • Creative / Messaging
  • Upleveled ad messaging with video creative
  • International Reach
  • Expanded to 6 new markets
  • Daily inventory to paid media alignment
ember digital solutions

A Banner Year For The Brand

Ember and Wpromote closed out Q4 2019 achieving their highest selling quarter to date on

  • 186% Increase In Attributed Ad Sales On Amazon
  • 68% Increase In YoY Gross Sales On Amazon

Proof Is In The Numbers