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Case Study

Building Loyalty And Driving Conversion With SMS Strategy

Country Life Vitamins was ready to expand on their email strategy by integrating SMS messages to their loyal mobile customers, resulting in higher engagement from key audiences and driving higher conversion rates.

Their Story

Taking A Holistic Approach To Health And Wellness

Founded in 1971, Country Life Vitamins inspires greatness through a holistic approach to supplement and personal care products. Everyone has individual needs based on their body’s chemistry and personal goals, so Country Life makes it a priority to offer a wide range of supplementation in the purest and cleanest forms possible, with dietary requirements and belief systems always in mind.

The Challenge

Strengthening Customer Connection Through SMS Marketing

Country Life Vitamins was looking for an engaging way to directly communicate with their audience of loyal customers. Country Life’s customers are often repeat purchasers and active promotional buyers, making them the perfect audience for exclusive product launches and offers, and the perfect candidate for SMS marketing.

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The Solution

Integrating SMS And Email Strategy For A Seamless Customer Experience

Historically, email has been Country Life’s go-to channel for customer communication, but Wpromote’s experts realized that SMS combined with email can create a seamless customer communication experience that’s reliable, scalable, and extremely powerful.

Country Life worked with Wpromote to build an SMS strategy targeting loyal mobile shoppers, using the Attentive platform to launch and scale a program that would drive engagement, generate revenue, and build loyalty. Our teams made sure that email and SMS were working together so customers would not receive repetitive or duplicative messaging.

That started with collecting the right information; the Wpromote team used Attentive to collect email addresses and phone numbers across mobile and desktop at the same time, then allow users to easily opt-in to triggered SMS campaigns by sending a pre-populated message.

Country Life’s welcome SMS message currently has an 81.6% average conversion rate; new subscribers overwhelmingly claimed their coupon code and made a purchase after receiving the text. Text subscribers also receive automated, personalized reminders on recently abandoned carts. The message prompts subscribers who added to their cart but did not convert with a reminder to complete their purchase.

Channels + Services

Email Marketing


Within the first 60 days of launching their Attentive-powered SMS program, Country Life Vitamins saw a 91% lift in email subscribers compared to the previous quarter, as well as high click-through and conversion rates across their SMS campaign and triggered messages. 

  • 91% Lift in Email Subscriptions
  • 85.51% Conversion Rate
  • 4x Higher Average CTR

Proof Is In The Numbers