Hair2wear, the premier distributor of ready-to-wear fashion hair, wanted to connect with existing and potential customers through new special events. By combining exclusive photo shoots and event promotions with social media blasts and über-creative off-site SEO, Wpromote made Hair2wear’s events a huge success.

Hair2wear’s Business Goals:

  • Host a successful giveaway contest with a guest blogger.
  • Launch a brand new blog for Hair2wear through a highly publicized photo shoot.


Creative Social Media Contests Engage Audiences.

Hair2wear wanted to promote three simultaneous events: a giveaway, an exclusive product line launch, and the kick-off of a new blog. For the giveaway, Wpromote partnered with a popular beauty blogger to host a contest that would award two readers who entered via social media.

Strong Event Promotion Ensures Increased Brand Awareness.

For the product launch, #DayWithChristie, Wpromote made an entire team available to travel and was on location at the high-profile photo shoot to ensure proper promotion of the event. We then followed up with a social media blitz across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest designed to draw in audiences old and new.

Launching A New Blog With Popular Content Helps Build A Readership.

The launch of Hair2wear’s new blog capitalized on the #DayWithChristie to create incredibly popular behind-the-scenes posts. Wpromote blended off-site SEO with Hair2wear’s own original content to generate buzz about new content, significantly boost social engagement, and generate sales and conversions.

"Wpromote brought their A-game when they joined us on location for our Christie Brinkley photoshoot. They had a clear vision of how to attain our goals and execute the tactics we collaborated on together prior to the shoot. The team was very agile applying their know-how on the fly in real-time throughout both days. Wpromote helped us to grow awareness of our Hair2wear Christie Brinkley Collection on social and our new blog via engaging content, pro photos and an exciting giveaway. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the team and our results."

Michael Ferrara, Chief Marketing Officer



Garnered over 45,000 potential impressions through Facebook and Twitter hashtagging.


Was an instant success, receiving 1,100 pageviews and 668 unique visitors in less than a week.


Helped increase weekly total reach on Facebook alone by 1,125%.

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