Though Dearfoams felt secure in the strong brand identity they’d developed, they were having trouble communicating that brand across social channels. They knew they needed Wpromote’s mastery of social media in order to up their game and really make their social media presence stand out from the crowd.

Dearfoams’ Goals:

  • Create a high-performing social media campaign.


Consistent Imagery & Branding Makes A Brand More Recognizable.

In order to unify the Dearfoams brand message, Wpromote set about ensuring cohesiveness in branding and imagery between all of Dearfoams’ social media profiles. We then consulted on a reputation management strategy to ensure the messaging from each profile was engaging while also retaining the core identity Dearfoams hoped to keep.

Leveraged Conversations Already Happening.

Specific social channels received tailored upgrades to maximize each channel’s effectiveness. YouTube was used to generate excitement through new branded video content. Strategic Twitter outreach garnered high-profile celebrity tweets about the brand.

A targeted Facebook campaign was implemented and managed alongside the development of new tabs for their Facebook Page. This tactic combined with weekly giveaways and quarterly contests that Wpromote developed for Dearfoams helped to drive significant new offline sales.

“It’s been a pleasure working with Wpromote, their professionalism and expert counsel have really allowed us to grow as a brand, which has in turn helped us reach a new, younger consumer base and has doubled our male fan base online. I couldn’t be happier with the quality and customer service we receive.”

Rachel Iannarino, Senior Brand Manager


Wpromote’s massive push for increased social engagement paid off hugely. The Facebook campaign alone reached a targeted audience of over 138 million potential customers.

14.9% increase in Facebook fans
26.5% increase in Twitter followers
68% increase in YouTube views
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