The Importance of Ad Scheduling For Time‑Specific Conversions

Lemonade is a modern, healthy restaurant that serves a colorful bounty of seasonal California comfort food in a bright cafeteria setting. Each of its 28 locations throughout Northern and Southern California offers marketplace salads, artisan sandwiches, savory braises, poke bowls, and their famous cold-pressed lemonades.

Lemonade's Business Goals:

  • Increase online purchase orders.
  • Increase catering orders.


Restricted ads to only show between 10AM-8PM. In doing so, we avoided extraneous spend while locations were closed or while there is little to no incentive to place an online order.

Set up ad schedule bid adjustments during peak lunch hours from 11AM-1PM. Increasing our keyword bids during this time improved the likelihood of being shown higher in ad results during a critical purchasing period.

Constructed ad copy that promoted online ordering during lunch time. Using phrases such as “skip the line” and “avoid the hassle,” we enticed users to avoid the annoyance of long lunch hour lines and instead, opt for online ordering.



In online catering orders


In overall conversions


In average CPC

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