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Case Study

Transforming Paid Search Strategy to Increase Revenue and Capture New Customers

Wpromote partnered with REEF to increase revenue and expand into new audiences with an innovative paid search strategy that maximizes new Google capabilities and AI tools like Performance Max campaigns to unlock incremental growth.

Their Story

Taking The First Step To Comfort and Freedom

Since 1984, REEF has made high-quality, super-comfortable sandals for surfers and beach lovers everywhere. Building on the designs of founders Fernando and Santiago Aguerre, REEF’s attention to detail and uncompromising standard of quality create incredibly comfortable shoes that fit a free and happy lifestyle.

Side-by-side photos of a woman wearing pink Reef sandals

The Challenge

Increasing Revenue In a Competitive Landscape

REEF came to Wpromote looking to build their brand, expand their business to new audiences, and increase revenue. In the saturated and competitive footwear market, REEF’s digital strategy relied mostly on social media and organic search to capture new customers.

The Wpromote team knew that a strong paid search strategy was an essential component to capture revenue efficiently and target the customers they were looking for. REEF’s approach needed to take advantage of the full breadth of Google’s capabilities to increase revenue while optimizing their marketing spend.

The Solution

Embracing New Tools to Outperform The Competition

Wpromote’s experts worked with REEF to create a paid search strategy by testing new campaigns to improve ROAS, investing in driving incremental clicks in a saturated competitor landscape, and leveraging new capabilities to drive customer acquisition.

Our team examined REEF’s current brand search strategy and broke keywords into two different campaign tiers to focus spend on top performers. We brought in a third-party AI tool to ensure we were only bidding on incremental brand search terms that weren’t covered organically to support our overall goal of spending less and increasing efficiency.

We leveraged cost savings from these search strategies to further fuel audience expansion with Performance Max (PMax) campaigns. Our unique approach to PMax ensured we could better tailor the user experience to the individual customer: each campaign featured unique copy, landing pages, audience signals, imagery, and video content that aligned with the user journey.

We segmented our PMax structure into three different campaigns. Each had unique budgets and bid strategies so we could control category-specific ad visibility and then optimize each campaign based on historical ROAS learnings and drive overall efficiency.

Channels + Services

Paid Search

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Wpromote worked with REEF to transform their paid search strategy with AI-powered PMax campaigns, resulting in a significant increase in efficiency and revenue.

  • 131% Increase in revenue
  • 193% Improved CVR
  • 23% Increase in ROAS

Proof Is In The Numbers