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Case Study

Growing Globally Through International SEO

Xero worked to implement on-site technical optimizations and engaging off-site content tailored to their audience to expand globally and dominate SERPs in the U.S. for high-volume keywords.

Their Story

Changing The Game

Xero’s initial mission was to change the game for small businesses. The cloud-based accounting software connects people with the right numbers anytime, anywhere, on any device. They work closely with customers and partners to push innovation forward.

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  • “They absolutely know organic marketing inside and out. I don’t see Wpromote as an agency, they are an extension of our team.”
    Val Stepanova
    Director of Inbound Marketing, Xero

The Challenge

Organic Presence In The U.S.

Along with improving brand awareness, Xero was looking to rank in the U.S. search engines for broad, high-volume search terms. They hoped to increase organic presence in U.S. markets while also generating an overall organic lift that would boost the brand at home and worldwide.

The Solution

SEO & Content Marketing Synergies

To accomplish this, Wpromote created an internationally focused digital marketing campaign with both on- and off-site SEO efforts. Wpromote started by making numerous on-site technical optimizations​, specifically tailored to the needs of Xero’s international site. These improvements would allow search engines better access for crawling while ensuring the site displayed consistently and well across different regions.

Wpromote and Xero then developed engaging and relevant content to improve the brand’s content profile while also leveraging creative off-site initiatives. These two efforts combined helped build brand awareness across the world, but especially in the U.S., and increased the site’s authority with the search engines.

Channels + Services

Content Marketing

Dominating The SERPs

Xero was able to create and grow a whole new U.S. audience thanks to Wpromote’s efforts. Through a targeted keyword strategy coupled with on-site improvements and popular off-site content, Xero cemented their position in a competitive market while boosting their organic digital presence worldwide.

  • 20% Increase In Sessions In The U.S.
  • 26% Increase In New Users In The U.S.

Proof Is In The Numbers