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Case Study

Building a Record-Breaking Amazon Marketplace Strategy

KidKraft needed to grow brand awareness and drive revenue while outmaneuvering the competition. Their team at Wpromote identified a significant opportunity to restructure their Amazon strategy and take full advantage of the channel, resulting in record-breaking results every quarter since launch.

Their Story

Inspiring Young Imaginations Through Innovative Play Experiences

KidKraft is an established children’s toy company with a 50-year history with a mission to inspire imaginative and creative play in children. Their roots are in well-crafted premium dollhouses and have since expanded to play kitchens, train tables, furniture, outdoor playhouses and other toys that are built to last. Their products are sold in more than 90 countries by more than 28k sellers worldwide. 

The Challenge

Raising Brand Awareness and Reaching the Right Audience

KidKraft tasked Wpromote with helping them raise brand awareness and drive revenue across channels, and at first, Amazon was not a priority. But Wpromote realized there was an opportunity at hand and recommended changing KidKraft’s marketplace strategy to better account for search intent, stop potential cannibalization between products, and account for seasonal demand.

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The Solution

Shifting the Focus from Products to Customer Intent

Wpromote tackled the structure of KidKraft’s Amazon campaigns to drive higher efficiency and convinced the client to look beyond their traditional timelines. This shake up of the traditional Amazon campaign structure allowed the KidKraft team to be more nimble and ensured that the products customers find from the brand throughout the year would change based on seasonal demand.

The key to this change in strategy was to shift focus from product-based decisions to keyword-based decisions driven by both customer segments and search signals. The initial efficiency gains unlocked higher spend and more advanced KPIs, ensuring decisions were based on new customer acquisition targets instead of solely driven by ROAS and specific product goals. 

Channels + Services


Strategy & Planning


Amazon is now a top-priority channel for KidKraft, and spend has more than quadrupled since launch in August 2020, driven by a return of nearly 10:1. By deploying a full-funnel strategy and a more aggressive budget, KidKraft was able to overcome the odds despite inventory instability and the most saturated market they’d ever faced to drive record-breaking results in Q4 2020.

  • +22% orders YOY
  • +72% ad attributable sales YOY
  • +346% new-to-brand orders in December YOY

Proof Is In The Numbers