A Smorgasbord of Social Media: 7/11/14


Welcome back for another weekly roundup of all things social media! We missed last week, so we have some important updates to catch up on. Let’s get right to it!       Huffington Boast It seems as though a congratulations is in order for The Huffington Post. It turns out that the top-performing publisher on Facebook last month was Arianna Huffington and the rest of her Internet subscribers. According to NewsWhip, The Huffington Post had the highest amount of shares and interactions in June. This means that they beat out the likes of CNN, ESPN, NBC, EliteDaily, and even our ever-so-loved provider of absurdly addicting online quizzes, BuzzFeed.   For those of us that are number-oriented, THP published 26,264 articles in June. To put this into perspective, the lowest number of articles published was 89 (playbuzz.com), and the highest number of articles published was 122,186 (Yahoo!). So it just … Continue reading

A Smorgasbord of Social Media: 6/27/14


Welcome back for another weekly roundup of all things social media! We have some important updates for you so let’s get right to it.   Help Me Help You Are you one of the many people that immediately hits “0” on the dial pad when dealing with automated customer service systems? We do this because people want to deal with an actual person when seeking customer service assistance. Whether it’s via phone or email, it gives us peace of mind to deal with an actual human being rather than some lifeless program that continually makes you repeat your last response. How does this relate to social media, you ask? Well, with the rise of various networking sites, many companies have started utilizing social media for customer service purposes. A recent study by Forrester and Conversocial, which surveyed 159 senior contact center executives, revealed a key aspect regarding the needs of customers. … Continue reading

A Smorgasbord of Social Media: 6/20/14


Happy Friday and welcome back for another weekly roundup of all things social media! Today we have a lot of exciting news regarding the world of mobile apps and GIFs. So what’re we waiting for? Let’s get right to it!     Undercover Job Seeking We recently discussed some new design changes coming to LinkedIn profiles. In addition to cover photos and larger profile pictures, LinkedIn created a mobile app to let you use the networking site while on the go. Now, they’re taking that initiative a step further by rolling out a second mobile app for iOS specifically for job searching. You may initially be thinking that this seems a bit unnecessary for LinkedIn. But, this new job search app provides you with one key benefit that surely makes it worthwhile: job seekers can now be on the search and have it kept private. Furthermore, the app will also … Continue reading

A Smorgasbord of Social Media: 6/13/14


Welcome back to another weekly roundup of all things social media. We have some important updates for you so let’s get right to it.     Facebook Using More Outside Data To Improve Quality Of Ads Delivered Facebook collects all of its individual data from your actions on the social networking site, mostly from the pages you like. To take their advertising to the next level, they are using your off-Facebook data. When you search for an item on the web, Facebook will start showing you ads that are relevant to that search. For example, if they think you’re interested in electronics, they may show you ads for other electronics or devices that are often purchased. The social networking giant is also giving users more control of the ads they see with ‘Ad Preferences’. It’s a new tool that will be on the drop down of every ad explaining why … Continue reading

A Smorgasbord of Social Media: 6/6/14

Welcome back to another Smorgasbord of Social Media, your weekly roundup of all things social! We’ve got some insightful updates to bring to you, so let’s get down to business.   Pinterest Meets Advertising! The 70 million users of Pinterest will witness the power of Promoted Pins. Initially launched in a small-scale release last fall, Promoted Pins now allows businesses to advertise to those who use the platform as a shopping discovery tool. Organic Pins and Promoted Pins will only have one distinction: those that are promoted will show up show up in search and category feeds, but will have a “Promoted Pin” tag at the bottom. Additionally, Pinterest brings us another surprise: the platform has announced its new and improved analytics dashboard. More detailed information, such as which Pins are driving engagement, will be a click away!   Major Design Changes For LinkedIn LinkedIn has followed in the footsteps … Continue reading

A Smattering of SEO News: 6/4/14


Hello friends, and happy June! Can you believe we’re halfway through 2014 already? What a year it’s been for SEO, and heck, what a week, as we have a lot of news to look at! So let’s dive in! Google News: Theory: eBay Penalized For Dropping Google AdWords – There’s an interesting theory put out by WebmasterWorld founder Brett Tabke: he postulates that one year after eBay dropped AdWords ads on their site, Google penalized the site as a signal to others not to do the same. Tabke thinks that one year went by before the penalty took hold in order to allow plausible deniability on Google’s part. While neither Google nor eBay have commented on the penalty, it’ll be interesting to see what the actual reason is for eBay’s drop in rankings. Google Launches EU Search Removal Form, Thousands Of Requests Flow In – Late last week, in keeping … Continue reading