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Take Part In Wpromote’s New Scholarship Opportunity


The time is finally here! Wpromote’s new scholarship initiative has launched! This scholarship initiative is focused on getting students at the college and graduate levels interested in the world of digital marketing. Entrants must submit a blog post about any topic of their choice – as long as it’s about marketing, that is. To encourage students to enter the digital marketing field, the scholarship will have a total cash prize of $3,000 to award to the winners!

Even better: the winners will receive publication of their pieces right here on The Wpromoter, Wpromote’s widely read blog! Winning entrants will have their work seen by the leaders of the digital marketing industry and get to spread fresh new ideas, helping support the industry in turn.

All entrants must be US residents currently enrolled at an accredited university, but transcripts can be submitted from high school, college, or the graduate level with a 3.25 or higher cumulative GPA. If you’d like to enter, you have until November 14th to submit your blog post, so get researching and writing!

The first place winner of the scholarship receives $1,500, while the second and third place winners receive $1,000 and $500 respectively.

The best part of this scholarship: now that it’s launched, it will run bi-annually (that’s twice a year!) for a total of $6,000 to be awarded every year! Wpromote is proud and very excited to bring this scholarship opportunity to students who are passionate about digital marketing. Learn more about our new scholarship over on our landing page and start writing today. Winners will be announced on December 5th, so look forward to it!

Want to know how else Wpromote supports the digital marketing industry? Check out the resources for educational guides, videos, and more, or simply check out our suite of digital marketing services!

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