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Do you have what it takes?

Check out some of our past winners and the excellent work these students have submitted to take home the Wpromote Scholarship awards.

What You’ll Do

For your entry, you will be required to submit full-funnel social strategy to increase enrollment at your school by focusing on a single aspect of your university’s campus culture, such as a major, club, or campus organization. Using just 3 pictures and their captions you will engage potential students, nurture their new relationship with your school by giving them information they desire, and hopefully convert them into next year’s freshmen. This year's deadline is May 31, so get started as early as possible!

Step 1:
Pick a single aspect of your university’s campus culture, such as a major, department, club, or campus organization that you believe would entice people to enroll.

Step 2:
Read about the three stages of the funnel below, and create a post for each stage.

Step 3:
Upload your images and captions into the scholarship application. You’ll also be required to submit 200-400 word short answer responses for each post explaining the rationale behind the image and caption.

Applicants must be legal U.S. residents and currently enrolled full-time at an accredited university in the U.S. Students must be seeking an undergraduate or graduate degree and hold a 3.0 or higher grade point average.

How To Leverage The Full Funnel

A “full-funnel” campaign strategy consists of at least three stages: awareness, nurture, and convert. Each stage takes a step further in convincing your audience to buy your product, sign up for your service, or in our case, apply to your school.


The top of the funnel provides content to spark the interest of people who may have never heard of your university: you will create awareness of your school. Imagine this post to be the first time someone has ever heard of your university. With a single image and an informative caption, your post will strive to make potential students interested in your school. Whether your selling point is an inclusive campus community or an innovative academic environment, that theme will be the one you will support in all of your posts.

  • Caption Tip: In 140 characters, introduce the school and the single aspect of your university’s campus culture that you believe would entice potential applicants to enroll.
  • Image Tip: Select an image that is iconic of your campus and engages potential applicants with a scene they would want to be a part of.


This middle section of the funnel provides content that supports and expands upon what people have already learned: you will nurture prospective applicants by giving them more compelling reasons to apply. Use this as an opportunity to use statistics, awards, commendations, or other indisputable evidence that your university is a strong option for quality candidates.

  • Caption Tip: In 140 characters, highlight a university statistic, award, or commendation that supports the theme you established in the first post.
  • Image Tip: Choose an image on your campus that visually demonstrates your chosen statistic, award, or commendation that is connected to the caption and illustrative of the theme.


The bottom of the funnel gives potential applicants the final nudge they need to become actual applicants: your post will encourage them to finally convert by submitting an application. They know what your campus has to offer, they just need the invitation.

  • Caption Tip: In 140 characters, invite the potential applicant to apply to the campus, reminding them of the aspect of campus culture that they will become a part of. Make sure to incorporate your theme.
  • Image Tip: Pick an image on campus that highlights the lifestyle and culture the potential applicant will be a part of.

Selection Criteria



We’ll be looking closely at how polished your entry is, from well-written answers to clear, demonstrative visuals. Don’t worry too much about being a photography or Photoshop whiz — we care more about how much effort you’ve put into it!



The more unique and interesting your entry, the better! We’re looking for entries that are clearly tailored to your school and make use of its unique characteristics to create ads that will really engage audiences.



While GPA definitely counts, don’t stress it too much. 80% of the scoring is based on your entry alone, so even if you think your GPA might not qualify, submit anyway. We welcome all students from all walks of life.

Check back soon for details on our next scholarship!

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