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Our Commitment During The COVID-19 Crisis

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As the world scrambles to cope with the coronavirus pandemic, we believe that it is critical that we as individuals and as an organization do our part to make sure our teams and communities stay healthy and safe. We also want to make sure to do what we can to ensure that, when we move past this moment, we are stronger than ever before.

All of us at Wpromote want our clients, partners and communities to feel confident that we are extraordinarily well prepared to both weather the storm and be an invaluable partner to our clients in these uncertain times. Thankfully, we are fortunate enough to already have remote work systems and capabilities in place throughout our organization that allow for minimal disruption.


How Wpromote Is Caring For Our Clients

Daily Communications

  • Wpromote will continue to leverage internal tools and processes that enable us to successfully operate across multiple offices and ensure an uninterrupted, high-level of execution on behalf of our clients.
  • Internal escalation plans are in place to ensure all issues are addressed in a timely manner. Your lead directors and executive sponsors will continue to be a point of contact for any escalations that might arise.

Client Meetings

  • While client-related travel and in-person meetings are temporarily suspended, we remain fully committed to maintaining our call schedules and normal meeting cadence.
  • Meetings will take place via video conferencing or phone:
    • Formerly in-person meetings will utilize video whenever possible.
    • Phone conference calls will utilize a bridge line like UberConference so that meeting recording is possible.
  • If your business is local to your account team and there is a critical need for an in-person meeting, please reach out to your account lead to discuss.


  • All summits and events for the first half of the year have been postponed or are moving to virtual events if possible.

Client Support

  • Wpromote teams will remain flexible and proactive in addressing campaign and strategy pivots that may be required to respond and adapt in this unprecedented business environment.
  • Our Google, Facebook and additional partner teams are providing direct support and are hypersensitive to the needs of our clients. That support includes proprietary resources and tools as well as industry-specific research that will be shared with you.


How Wpromote Is Caring For Our Team Members

Remote Work

  • All offices have been closed and our employees are required to work from home.
  • Wpromote has an existing work-from-home policy, so this is not a significant challenge for our company.
  • While our staff is working remotely, this is by no means a pause in our business or service to our clients.


  • All business travel has been suspended.
  • Although offices are closed, any employees traveling for personal reasons are required to notify HR before and after the travel so that the proper safety measures are taken before anyone returns to work.

Employee/Family Needs

  • Wpromote provides flexibility to ensure employees can take the time to recover from any illness and tend to family needs.
  • All employees are required to notify HR if they have any symptoms the CDC defines as related to the virus, and employees must notify us if they test positive. We will work with them and their families during their recovery period.
  • We are also providing increased flexibility for parents with children that are now not at school or daycare.


  • We are in daily contact with our benefits broker, who is providing direction and guidance regarding how to manage coverages during the pandemic.
  • Leadership and HR are closely monitoring CDC guidelines and are distributing relevant and appropriate information across the organization.


  • All internal meetings are taking place via phone, video conference and Slack.
  • All client team leaders and employee managers will continue to have one on one and team meetings as normal.


Security / IT Considerations

We ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and security of client data through monitoring and enforcement of the following standards:

  • All of our external tools and technology are SaaS and/or cloud-based, ensuring that our employees are still able to provide the same quality of service and security from anywhere.
  • To ensure security, we will continue to utilize hardened company laptops to access tools and utilize best security practice through the following methods:
    • VPN access and encryption for any use of our AWS infrastructure
    • Continued enforcement of least privileged permissions
    • Compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and Security Program standards
  • Our redundancy and disaster recovery measures have been established to guarantee that we have continued, uninterrupted service at all times:
    • Infrastructure multiple region redundancy
    • Automatic failover
    • Automated backups

We are living through a defining moment in the world and in our lives, and while it is imperative that we treat it with the gravity that it deserves, it is important to remember that we will get through this together. We are doing everything we can to protect and maintain the health and wellness of our organization, families and communities, and prepare to emerge from this period even more tenacious and capable than we were before.

Mike Mothner
Mike Mothner

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