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Wpromote Spring 2018 Digital Marketing Scholarship Winners!


This Spring, students entered our Digital Marketing Scholarship for a chance to win one of three scholarships. Students were prompted to build a full-funnel social media strategy to increase enrollment for their school. They were also challenged to be creative and strategic while reflecting a single aspect of their college campus. And, the results are finally in!

So without further ado, here are the winners of Wpromote’s Spring 2018 scholarship:

1st Place

Mark Alexander, who built a compelling strategy that focused on student-led activities as a foundation to drive student applications while utilizing unique photography to draw attention.

Corban University Instagram post student leaders

Awareness: “This post utilizes visual familiarity to capture attention, it is themed on The Lord of the Rings franchise… The location for the picture was taken thirty minutes from the campus on one of the many hiking points around Detroit Lake, emphasizing relevant campus life. It features student life leaders and members of the WestTrek hiking club representing the student body’s knack for adventure and shared experiences.”

corban university instagram post make a difference

Nurture: “This post captures its audience using a similar approach. The theme comes from the 2014 movie, Interstellar. The post nurtures prospective student interest by introducing a more unique side of the Corban culture, highlighting that students at Corban are put in a position where their passion for making the world a better place can be realistically met every year.”

corban university instagram post community

Convert: “This post is the last step in the funnel toward prospective student conversion. It features a photo which implements elements of the widely recognized “got milk?” campaign. While cultural relevance is still used as a tool in this post to relate to the audience, the caption is used as the primary means to draw student attention since the information it contains is what will call the students to action.”

2nd Place

Michelle Heard, whose campaign focused on spotlighting her university’s online graduate program to encourage applicants that want to pursue a graduate degree, but need the flexibility.

3rd Place

Alayna Roberts, who’s an engineering student, with a passion for marketing developed a social media campaign for the engineering club to encourage sign-ups.

Mark Alexander was awarded a MacBook Pro and $500, Michelle Heard $750, and Alayna Roberts $500 to help them with their college tuition and other college expenses!

We’re always looking for ways to support students, so stay tuned for our next scholarship announcement. In the meantime, start jotting down those Challenger ideas. Congratulations again to our three winners and thank you to everyone who entered!

Aside from digital marketing, giving back to the community has always been part of Wpromote’s core. Head over to Wprovide to check out how we’ve supported those who need it the most. Want to learn more about how we challenge the digital marketing industry? Visit Wpromote University or look through our diverse suite of integrated digital marketing services.

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